‘It’s killing me!’ Emmerdale star Samantha Giles lifts the lid on her new lifestyle change

Samantha Giles, a star of Emmerdale, has hired a personal trainer and begun a new lifestyle shift. She has opened out to fans about how she is adjusting.

The Bernice Blackstock actress posted a video to Instagram after a “intense” training session.

I just finished a very, very intense workout with a personal trainer, so please excuse me if I appear hot and sweaty. Who could have imagined it?

“I’m working so hard to get fit, but it’s killing me.” I’ll keep you informed on my development, so yeah, everything is good.

Fans quickly flooded the comments area with supportive messages for Samantha’s new adventure, giving her “positive thoughts.”

One said, “All good, positive thoughts for your fitness.”

One more said, “You can do this, keep it up.”

Another added two love heart emojis and wrote, “Well done Samantha.”

Her update follows the disclosure that she will soon depart from her Emmerdale role in a dramatic manner.

Samantha has been playing Bernice since 1998, but she has taken three breaks from the role to concentrate on other endeavors.

Her most recent appearance occurred in 2021 as part of a plot that saw her attempting to prevent Liam Cavanagh’s (Jonny McPherson) marriage to Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi).

After Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) declared he was selling the B&B, Bernice partnered with Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) to take over the establishment.

Regarding her departure in 2021 and pursuing her passion for other endeavors, Samantha said:

‘It’s never easy for an actress to leave a role they love, and I’d been fortunate to work so consistently for so long, which is unusual in our industry. So I knew the time had come to be brave and take the leap back in 2019 to pursue my other passion of writing and focus on getting my first book published.

“I’ve already gotten such a lovely response from Rosemary and The Witches of Pendle Hill, and the pandemic’s downtime allowed me to finish my next two books.” I firmly believe in fate, so when Emmerdale offered me the chance to play Bernice again, I interpreted that as a sign that our paths had been destined to cross.

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