Isobel Steele ‘quits Emmerdale’ to focus on music as Liv to be ‘killed off’

After six years as Liv Flaherty on the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, Isobel Steele apparently left the show.

Isobel’s final scenes, in which her character is sadly killed off, are expected to appear later this year, according to The Sun.

a source stated to the media: “Isobel made a significant decision, but she is open to trying new things.

She believes she has accomplished everything she can in Emmerdale and is eager to concentrate on and succeed in her music career. The bosses went all out for the 50th anniversary month, and Isobel’s departure won’t be any different.”

Liv’s death will be a “true heartbreaker,” the insider conceded, and die-hard soap opera viewers would remember it for “a long time to come,” he or she promised. Fans will be “on the edge of their seats,” the insider assured.

As Liv’s on-screen brother Aaron Dingle, I’m A Celeb actor Danny Miller is about to make a comeback on the ITV Dales.

The two are apparently “like brother and sister” in real life, according to a TV source, and Isobel is reportedly looking forward to their reunion.

Isobel enjoys playing the guitar and frequently records her own versions of well-known songs to post on social media.

But after covering everything from ABBA to Harry Styles on her YouTube channel, it now seems she wants to focus solely on her music career.

Isobel has had several tasty stories to sink her teeth into over the course of her fantastic soap opera career, most notably being duped by her nasty mother Sandra who was greedy for her daughter’s inheritance money.

However, Liv, who is in recovery from alcoholism, has already served two terms in prison and is now happily married to Vinny Dingle.

The 50th anniversary clip has featured Liv and Vinny running through the woods together, with Vinny appearing as though he is being carried away by the powerful winds, hinting at what is to come for the teenager.

In the new video, keen-eyed viewers may have also spotted a hooded person that is lurking just out of view. Some have speculated that this could be serial killer Meena Jutla returning to complete her work.

However, is Meena the one who took Liv’s life?

The waiting game will begin for viewers.

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