Is Stephen really leaving Coronation Street?

Person from Coronation Street Since coming back to Weatherfield, Stephen Reid has gotten into some difficulty.

Stephen appears to be organizing a getaway right now.

But does he actually intend to leave Coronation Street?

Coronation Street: Stephen Reid’s return

Early this year, Stephen returned to the cobbles, and it soon became obvious that he was keeping his financial woes from his family.

Stephen killed Leo Thompkins when he learned of his scheme to recoup the money he had stolen from his ex-wife Gabrielle using the equity in Audrey’s home.

Leo’s fiance Jenny and his father Teddy thought he traveled to Canada alone.

Stephen has been looking for ways to make money in the interim.

He started working for SixFellas, a food delivery business, but was let go after crashing his bike.

Elaine discovered him after the incident, but Stephen informed her that he was having financial problems as a result of his controlling and abusive ex-wife Gabrielle.

In the meantime, Stephen has made financial promises to his mother Audrey and niece Sarah.

Teddy traveled back from Canada to Weatherfield this week.

He revealed to Jenny that he knew something new about Leo.

Teddy informed Stephen that Leo’s text was not sent from Canada when they were walking down the street.

It originated in Weatherfield. Teddy observed Stephen becoming anxious.

Teddy then accused Stephen of being responsible for Leo’s disappearance and pointed the finger at him.

Teddy was struck by a van as he ventured out into the street in search of Jenny.

Is Stephen leaving Coronation Street?

Leo was transported to the hospital in tonight’s scenes (Friday, December 30), and things weren’t looking good.

With Jenny, Stephen visited Leo in the hospital.

Stephen got ready to turn off his computer when Teddy and he were left alone.

But Jenny returned, so he was unable to carry out his plan.

Later, Stephen was on the phone with the SixFellas man and suggested that if his moped wasn’t insured, he could want to sue the man.

Stephen offered to negotiate and said he needed £10k by tomorrow night.

When he accepted, Stephen informed him that after receiving the money, he would permanently depart the UK and that he would never hear from him or anybody else again.

Spoilers: Stephen gets his money but Teddy wakes up

Stephen, however, appears to be sticking around for a while.

Stephen is relieved to find that the £10k is in his bank account in upcoming scenes.

When Jenny receives a call from the hospital informing her that Teddy has gotten worse, he secretly rejoices.

Before Teddy’s accident, Stephen informed him that he had discovered Leo in Canada and that he never wanted to see her or Teddy again, according to Jenny.

Stephen, Elaine, Sally, and Tim watch the fireworks as the New Year’s festivities get underway.

Elaine is informed by Stephen that he believes 2023 will be a successful year.

When Teddy opens her eyes during a later visit from Stephen and Jenny to the hospital, Stephen becomes alarmed.

Teddy is reassured by Jenny that he will one day remember what happened to Leo.

Stephen hopes against it.

Stephen becomes alarmed as soon as Jenny offers Teddy to move in while he heals.

Stephen observes helplessly as Jenny and Teddy later enter the bar.

Will he flee from the cobblestones?

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