Is Nicola Wheeler leaving Emmerdale after hip injury as star hints at anniversary exit

Emmerdale is praising its 50th commemoration in October.

The cleanser has been running since October 16 1972 and has had 33 seasons.

In front of the 50th commemoration, watchers can anticipate that a few sensational storylines should unfurl.

One of those storylines could include Nicola King, who’s been played by Nicola Wheeler for a very long time.

Fans will realize that Nicola has been making some extreme memories in late episodes.

The councilor was the casualty of an assault after she was set upon by a gathering of teen young ladies in a vehicle leave.

Since the terrible assault, she has battled with a nervousness condition.

Nicola has been important for a few dull storylines, and that could go on as it’s been implied that she could make an emotional takeoff during the 50th commemoration episode.

Is Nicola King leaving Emmerdale?

Talking on This Morning with Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, Nicola dropped a few enormous clues that her personality will leave the Dales after the cleanser’s 50th commemoration.

Discussing her new storyline, Nicola said: “She believes she’s assembled her solidarity back however it deteriorates and more regrettable.”

Philip continued to scrutinize the entertainer on whether she could be leaving the ITV cleanser, inquiring: “And for you as the entertainer playing the person, is this something significant? Do you have plans to invest more energy with the family?”

Nicola seemed apprehensive as she gracelessly snickered while answering: “It’s been an excellent storyline.”

Yet, Philip wasn’t prepared to let the subject go and kept on testing, inquiring: “However there are a lot more that you’re anticipating?”

Nicola appeared to be reluctant to answer from the start, however at that point focused on the future for her personality.

“I can’t tell you! No, I can let you know that something will come up from now on. Right when you figure this story might have been taken care of, something different goes along.”

The entertainer then, at that point, prodded that her personality’s flight could be connected to the 50th commemoration episode, adding: “And afterward there’s the 50th year and perhaps something could happen which implies she can’t invest any more energy in the town any longer. Who can say for sure? I don’t actually!”

Holly was stunned at how much data she uncovered and lauded Phil on his cross examination as she said: “Great job! You did very well there!”

Phil kidded that he’d cause problems, saying: “I’ll likely be in horrible difficulty, Sharon Marshall will be messaging me in brief expressing out loud ‘whatever the damnation are you doing’.”

While her exit hasn’t been authoritatively affirmed, Nicola’s clues make it look pretty reasonable that she could leave the show.

Nicola Wheeler’s health battle

Nicola as of late enjoyed some time off from Emmerdale for a couple of months to recover from a hip substitution.

The medical procedure has left the entertainer unfit to do anything excessively physical, which gave a test during her latest storyline, which saw her mercilessly gone after.

All things being equal, a trick twofold needed to step in to help Nicola out with the actual scenes.

Opening up to Phil and Holly about the medical procedure and what it meant for her work, Nicola said: “I required several months off for a hip substitution and they recounted to me about this story.

“They expressed out loud ‘Whatever we will do would we say we is will bring you back and beat you up, is that alright?’

“I said ‘Fine, yet I can’t hurl myself on the floor’ so the trick twofold did anything really physical in light of the fact that clearly I was all the while recuperating.”

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