Is Emmerdale’s Caleb plotting against brother Cain amid new secret call?

In tonight’s (17th February) episode of Emmerdale, viewers learned that Caleb Miligan (William Ash) is deceiving his half-brother Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley).

It appeared that Cain was harboring a significant secret when Caleb revealed to him earlier this week that he intends to take over Home Farm.

But, as the ITV soap opera resumed tonight, Cain observed as Caleb and Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) engaged in a cordial conversation following previous events, and he was dubious of Caleb’s motivations.

Later, at the Woolpack, Caleb had purchased a pint for Cain; but, as Cain questioned Caleb about his plan for Home Farm, Cain proclaimed that he was leaving.

Strangely, Caleb changed his mind about what he had previously said, claiming that the beer was the cause and that the stud farm was all he actually wanted.

In addition, Caleb said that he was pretending to get along well with Will, Kim Tate’s husband, and not with Claire King’s character Kim Tate.

Cain questioned why Caleb appeared to be so focused on this when he said that he needed to be cunning if he wanted to secure his half of the stud farm when he had previously stated that Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) and Cain were more important to him.

Caleb claimed that he was doing all for them while seeming offended that Cain was even considering doubting his allegiance.

Cain went, admonishing Caleb to be truthful, but as soon as he was gone, Caleb made another of his enigmatic phone calls.

Caleb assured the other that whatever they were plotting would proceed as scheduled by saying that he had just spoken to Cain, who was “none the wiser.”

But what precisely is happening? Could Caleb simply be downplaying his Home Farm plan, or is his “Tate Hatred” actually a smokescreen for his desire to somehow destroy Cain?

As I’ve been reading all the speculations, there is a mystery about Caleb that viewers haven’t yet discovered, according to Emmerdale executive Jane Hudson.

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