Is Emmerdale on tonight? Soap to air three episodes on Thursday September 15

Following the Queen’s passing last week, ITV is currently catching up with its Emmerdale schedule.

Emmerdale will it air tonight? How late can you stay up to watch the Dales action?

Emmerdale will it air tonight?

Emmerdale was originally scheduled to premiere just one episode on Thursday, September 15.

But now that it is catching up, it will air a whopping three episodes of the soap opera.

Emmerdale will begin airing rescheduled episodes from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. It will end at 9 p.m. as a result, before Coronation Street takes over!

Originally scheduled to show live, the National Television Awards have been postponed until October owing to the death of the queen. ITV is thus utilizing the occasion to catch up on missing soap operas.

What time does Emmerdale air this week?

Emmerdale is anticipated to run an hour-long episode on Friday night in addition to tonight’s triple bill (September 16).

This will modernize the soap.

The episode scheduled for Monday, September 19, is reportedly also going to be delayed because of the Queen’s burial.

What takes place in the episodes tonight?

Tonight is all about Kim Tate, who is surprised to learn that Millie hasn’t come to see her since Hazel has been in an accident.

Kim learns that Hazel was shoved down the stairs by Jamie as she runs to the hospital. As Hazel informs Kim that Jamie is still alive, Kim makes a police report accusing her son of attempted murder.

To keep Millie safe, Kim brings her to Home Farm where she stays with her. But awkward Millie is reserved and hesitant.

When Kim is by herself, her hurt and rage explode, and she destroys Home Farm.

Millie ultimately decides to leave the chaos because she is confused and terrified. Kim is terrified and dials 911, but Harriet is unable to locate the young girl.

How will Millie fare?

Mack is completely honest?
Mack is feeling really bad about cheating on Charity somewhere else. He intends to admit it.

He prepares to confess the truth, but Charity quickly foils his plans by escorting him to the bedroom.

Will Mack ever tell the truth?

Liam and Leyla on a rocky outcrop

Jai is asked by Priya to speak with Liam about how to handle an addict. She fears that he is hiding his ignorance of Leyla’s addiction.

In an effort to control Liam’s expectations for his wife’s recovery, Jai counsels Liam on how to interact with his wife.

For Liam, who is aware that he faces a formidable challenge, it is a difficult realization.

Can their union endure?

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