Is Emmerdale on tonight? More good news for soap fans

Emmerdale generally airs for a half-hour on Friday nights, however tonight (Friday, September 16) there will be a change in the broadcast time.

Emmerdale will it air tonight?

Emmerdale saw three episodes air last night on ITV.

The National Television Awards were scheduled to run last night, but they were postponed out of respect for Queen Elizabeth II after her passing.

ITV broadcast three episodes of Emmerdale and an hour-long episode of Coronation Street to fill the NTAs time slot.

There will also be Emmerdale tonight.

Instead of one episode, there will be two.

At 8 p.m., Emmerdale will begin and run for one hour.

What happens in tonight’s episodes, spoilers?

Charity is eagerly getting ready for her trip to Ibiza with Mack in tonight’s shows.

She continues to be unaware that Mackenzie cheated on her with a villager.

Mack answers a call covertly. He begs the person answering the phone to leave him alone. Who’s that? Moreover, what do they need from him?

Liam and Leyla attend couples therapy in the interim. Liam is left feeling worn out as they both divulge their feelings.

The following day, Liam brings Leyla home, but there is tension between them.

Bernice and Rishi decide to go out to lunch together as they both battle with loneliness.

However, Rishi skips lunch because he thinks Bernice is too serious.

Bernice is horrified when she learns the truth, so the next day she confronts Rishi about leaving her at lunch.

Noah agrees to work as Marcus’ apprentice elsewhere.

Is this a fresh beginning for Noah?

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