Inside Emmerdale’s Liam Fox’s split from soap star wife before reunion with uni girlfriend

Liam Fox, 52, joined the Emmerdale cast in late 2011 as Dan Spencer. His initial contract called for him to appear in eight episodes, but after finding popularity, he was elevated to the main cast.

Before divorcing and rejoining with his present fiancée and old friend, Jo Hudson, the ITV actor was wed to a Hollyoaks star.

Liam wed fellow actress Nicole Barber-Lane in 1999, and the two later had a kid together. Liam also adopted Nicole’s daughter as his own.

On the Hollyoaks television series on Channel 4, Nicole portrayed Myra McQueen.

However, the two made the decision to part ways in 2015 after sixteen years together.

At the time, they released a joint statement in which they said: “It is with great sadness that we confirm the dissolution of our marriage, though our family remains together.

“Our children and families will always be at the center of our lives, and that is what unites us.”

But for Liam, love didn’t end there. In 2017, he got back together with Joanna, his ex-girlfriend from college.

She is also an actress who has appeared in a number of short films over the years. In the movie The Bromley Boys, she played a waitress.

Since she and her husband were married in 2020, just before the pandemic forced weddings to be postponed indefinitely, she now goes by the double-barreled last name of Hudson-Fox.

After three years of a blissful romance, the couple said “I do” at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire.

Although they reconnected in 2017, their initial encounter took place in 1993 when they were both students at Salford University.

Since then, the couple has talked about their perfect wedding day and the special moments.

Regarding their special day, Liam said: “I’m happy because it was even better than I could have imagined. At 2.50 a.m., Jojo and I were the last people to leave the dance floor.”

Joanna thought back to the moment she walked down the aisle and remembered her life-threatening tumor from a few years earlier.

She uttered: “Because she took care of me when I was sick, my best friend Susannah escorted me down the aisle.

The ceremony’s singing by Gemma, [Liam’s stepdaughter] was my most touching memory.

Added Liam “It gave me chills. She is my daughter even if she is my stepdaughter. Fortunately, Nicole and I didn’t have a messy divorce, so it hasn’t affected our relationship.

“Even my ex-mother-in-law attended the wedding with me! Nicole would have attended too if she wasn’t on tour “He explained further.

Dean Andrews and Liam will be guests on this evening’s episode of Our Great Yorkshire Life.

Dean will accompany his friend to the River Don, which was once severely polluted by industry but is now thriving as a result of activists’ tireless efforts.

They will also travel to Pickering, North Yorkshire, to see Yorkshire Teddy Rescue’s doors open.

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