Inside Emmerdale star Joshua Richards’ life away from soap including Hollywood fame

How old is Joshua Richards from Emmerdale? And what else has he been in? Here’s what we know…

As the beard-sporting wrestler Bear Wolf, Joshua Richards joins Emmerdale back in 2019.

The character has drawn a lot of attention in recent years after appearing to be a stone-age man.

One of his most prominent plots involved the uncertainty as to whether he was Paddy Kirk’s biological father or not.

But outside of The Dales, what do we know about the actor Joshua Richards? Learn everything…

How old is Joshua Richards?

Joshua Richards’ precise age is unknown, but according to his Voice Boutique profile, he can provide voice-over services for producers that require a voice actor who sounds like they are in their 60s.

Joshua is therefore most likely in his late 60s or early 70s.

Regarding his portrayal of Bear Wolf, the professional wrestler was born in 1945, making him currently 77 years old.

What else has Joshua Richards been in?

Joshua had various roles in America, but Bear is his first appearance in a soap opera.

The actor has previously appeared in the 2004 film Troy with Brad Pitt and the Amazon Prime series A Very English Scandal with Hugh Grant.

As a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, he played parts in Henry IV parts I and II. He has also appeared in Downton Abbey, Heartbeat, and Panic Button.

Being based in Yorkshire for the majority of my life, it’s amazing to now be filming there as well, Joshua stated after joining Emmerdale. Bear Wolf is a fantastic character, and I can’t wait to see what is next for him.

Joshua was anxious about his role in Emmerdale, despite the fact that he has appeared with some big-name performers.

He acknowledged that “everyone is very friendly” and that “it’s not as scary as he anticipated it would be.”

The learning curve is quicker, the celebrity continued. I’m used to playing significant roles in theater, which takes a while to learn. You now discard your short-term memory using this. It’s a new behavior to develop.

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