Inside Emmerdale Laurel star’s life – romance, borrowed wedding shoes and co-star bond

When Laurel Thomas’s new love interest Kit sets his sights on her stepdaughter Gabby, she is about to suffer heartbreak once more.

The Emmerdale heroine has already recovered from Jai’s heartbreak, but it appears that her romantic life will remain turbulent.

The actress Charlotte Bellamy enjoys a lovely off-screen relationships with her childhood boyfriend and tight bonds with her Emmerdale co-stars, despite the fact that Laurel’s on-screen relationship is in trouble.

She also shared a wedding-related plot point from Emmerdale.

Rival soap role

Charlotte had a recurring part in a well-known rival soap before she joined Emmerdale as Laurel Thomas.

Charlotte portrayed Sue Taylor in 11 episodes of EastEnders from 1996 to 1997.

Charlotte’s acting abilities undoubtedly got the attention of casting directors because she hasn’t stopped appearing on TV since, starring in shows including The Bill, Wing and a Prayer, Dream Street, and Construction Site.

She also played the key roles of Harriet Potter in The Broker’s Man and Cissy in Tess of the D’Urbervilles.

Emmerdale icon

As she recently celebrated 20 years of portraying Laurel on Emmerdale, Charlotte recently reached a significant life milestone.

Since the beginning of her performance in 2002, the actress has taken audiences on a whirlwind voyage through the life of her character.

The actress said she couldn’t believe she was still working on the soap opera while speaking at an Emmerdale press conference, adding: “But in a way, Emmerdale is like a part of my blood.

“All of my children were born in Yorkshire, and I reside close to the village.

“I never ever take for granted the fact that I am a member of a team that is so really kind, bright, and dedicated. I feel incredibly fortunate.”

Co-star bonds

Charlotte maintains a warm co-star friendship with her fellow Emmerdale actors outside of the dales, and she even served as a bridesmaid at one of the couple’s weddings.

2018 saw the marriage of Charley Webb and Matthew Wolfenden, who were joined by their co-stars Lucy Pargeter, Roxy Shahidi, Zoe Henry, Sammy Winward, Emma Atkins, and producer Kate Oates as bridesmaids.

Charley discussed the memorable day with OK! Magazine as follows: “The finest moment of my life was when we announced what we were going to do and watched everyone’s response.

“This allowed us to completely customize the event; it wasn’t typical, there wasn’t a sit-down lunch, and there weren’t many speeches.

“I remember hearing about a friend’s surprise wedding from someone once, and it lingered in my mind.”

Childhood sweetheart

Charlotte is wed to Mungo Denison, a company director with offices in Leeds and London, who stays out of the spotlight.

The childhood sweethearts, who have been together since they were 18 years old, wed in 2012 in a low-key, private ceremony.

The actress recalled their momentous day to Leeds Live, saying, “We informed the kids at breakfast that we were getting married today, and they were like, “What?”

“On a chance Thursday in May 2012, we carried it out. It was a gorgeous sunny day, there was no hassle or tension, and everything went perfectly.”

Together, Charlotte and Mungo are parents to three kids: a daughter named Teddie, two boys named Herbie and Sunnie, and Charlotte.

The actress took maternity leave while she was away from the serial, although she expressed her surprise at finding out she was expecting in 2006, telling The Mirror, “You couldn’t make it up.”

Borrowed wedding shoes off set

Charlotte’s wedding day dress, which included a pair of shoes taken from the Emmerdale set, was another major mystery.

The actress admitted that she didn’t have shoes that went with her outfit, so she borrowed a pair from her on-screen counterpart to wear on the big day.

After confessing, Charlotte said, “I didn’t have any navy shoes to go with the dress so I borrowed a pair of Laurel’s from work,” adding, “I didn’t have any navy shoes to go with the dress.

I hope I don’t get into problems because I’ve never told anyone that.

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