Inside Emmerdale Caleb Milligan star Will Ash’s life from Coronation Street connection to rarely seen kids and co-star friendship

Will Ash, who recently joined the popular ITV serial opera Emmerdale, has already stirred up trouble in the community as Caleb Milligan.

It was revealed that the enigmatic businessman Caleb Milligan was the long-lost sibling of Cain and Chas Dingle. Since his appearance, viewers have made a variety of evil predictions, and most recently it was revealed that the persona was Frank Tate’s son and is attempting to take over Home Farm.

When it was discovered that Nicky was his son and that he had entered Home Farm to get closer to Kim Tate, his scheme became clear. Thankfully, Will’s life outside of the Dales is less eventful.

Will’s football connection

The actor, whose father played semi-professional football, had aspirations of following in his father’s footsteps until suffering an accident.

“When I think about it, I guess I was deluded that I could make it as a footballer,” he declared. When I was 15 and couldn’t play football for a year due to a broken leg, acting took over.

Will and Jeff’s friendship in the film

Will and co-star Jeff Hordley, who plays Cain Dingle’s on-screen brother, attended the same school together and are close friends in real life.

Will stated to the media: “We both attended the same school, North Chadderton Comprehensive in Oldham, where we had a really inspirational drama teacher named Colin Snell. He not only inspired us, but also people like Nicola Stephenson, who later went on to attend another school with Jonas Armstrong and Jenna Coleman.

The two have previously acted in a few of the same shows because they both received casting calls for Children’s Ward and Heartbeat.

Will’s relationship to Corrie

Will hails from a well-known family because Peter Ash, who portrays Paul Foreman in the soap opera Coronation Street, is his second cousin.

When it was revealed that he would be joining the cast, Peter was among the first to rejoice. He stated: “Absolutely! This is Will, my cousin. He is an exceptionally wonderful actor, and he was a major influence on my decision to pursue acting. I can’t wait to watch him perform in #Emmerdale!”

Does Will Ash have children? Is he married?

Will prefers to keep his private life private, therefore nothing is known about it. He may still reside in Manchester and has two kids, nevertheless.

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