Inside Emmerdale actor Matthew Booth’s life 20 years after Paul Marsden exit

Who played Paul Marsden in Emmerdale and what happened to him? Here’s what we know…

Paul and his wife Siobhan, a nurse, arrived with their family in the area and immediately began working as porters.

Who played Paul Marsden and what happened to him? He was only in Emmerdale for about a year before he was killed off. This is what we do know:

Who played Paul Marsden in Emmerdale?

In Emmerdale, West Yorkshire native Matthew Booth, who is from Normanton, plays Paul Marsden.

Matthew’s character was a part of various significant stories after making his Emmerdale debut, including landing a full-time position at the post office.

Before Emmerdale producer Steve Frost chose to remove the majority of the Marsdens off the show, he was on screen with his family for six months.

Ronnie, Frances, Alistair, and Elaine left the series in December 2003, but Steve chose to keep Paul and Siobhan.

The young couple will face some difficult times, he added, adding that “The Marsdens have a great story to play through the autumn, but unfortunately this culminates in them leaving the village.” Paul and Siobhan Marsden will be staying on, he added.

What happened to Paul Marsden in Emmerdale?

Siobhan and Paul remained in Victoria Cottage after Paul’s family left, and it appeared that they had found a home.

But tragedy happened when Paul and Carl King went to fix a roof, and Paul ended up falling off and dying.

The previous day, Paul and Carl got into a fight, but they later made up and went to a customer’s home.

Paul attempted to catch the tools Carl jokingly threw at him but instead fell over the roof and died instantly.

Paul’s body was eventually moved to his yard by Carl and his brothers, where Siobhan later discovered him.

Paul’s death’s real cause was never made public, and Siobhan later learned she was pregnant.

Where is Matthew Booth now?

Given that Matthew Booth seems to have left the public eye, we don’t know much about him.

He later had an appearance in a few additional TV programmes, including Hollyoaks, The Royal, The Ward, At Home with the Braithwaites, and Coronation Street.

Matthew has also been a lifetime supporter of Manchester United FC and once shared the screen alongside David Beckham in a Vodafone advertisement.

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