Inside Coronation Street’s Jodie Prenger’s ‘feral’ home she shares with cows and chickens

The contrast between Jodie Prenger’s life in front of the camera and her life at home couldn’t be greater.

Off-screen, the 43-year-old actress spends her time surrounded by animals, some of which she has referred to as “feral,” while she is portraying Glenda Shuttleworth on Coronation Street.

Jodie is most happy to have achieved a childhood dream by winning a job on ITV’s Corrie, but she still loves nothing more than saving animals and improving their quality of life.

While her brother George was under the influence of pills, Glenda, who has just arrived in Weatherfield, saved him.

“My family is from Manchester, all from Moss Side, and they used to operate a laundrette and a café business. My Nan’s brother used to deliver Pat Phoenix’s groceries,” Jodie stated in reference to the character.

While being a soap opera star may sound pretty beautiful, Jodie has admitted that she prefers to get dirty and messy with her menagerie of animals, which includes cows and chickens, while she is not filming Corrie.

Jodie acknowledged that the persona that fans see of her is quite different from the one she has with her partner Simon. You wouldn’t recognize me at home, she said.

“When I’m out with the animals, I don’t have big hair or fake eyelashes. No fancy attire or heels. To be completely honest, I look feral standing there in my wellies. I adore it!

Jodie goes daily to the studios from her home in the countryside outside Preston to film Corrie, and she loves it that way.

“My guy, Simon, likes me being at home, and my animals do too,” she remarked.

“I love taking care of rescued animals. Honestly, I like animals better than people! I would dedicate my life to saving animals if I didn’t do what I do.

Jodie’s collection of pets is anything but ordinary; it consists of “three rescue cows, three rescue ducks, three cats, and three dogs.”

“I also have about 17 rescue chickens, including my cockerel, Harry,” Jodie stated.

“Oh, poor Harry… Even though he’s not feeling well, he enjoys having me home every day. If there is such a thing, I suppose I’ll have to buy him a small chicken wheelchair!

The door is open for other animals, according to Jodie, who stated that she would love to have more pets. “If anyone knows of a one-eyed goat or three-legged pig, I’m just putting that out there,” she said.

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