Huge story confirmed for Coronation Street’s teen cast which will have major consequences for all

According to showrunner Iain MacLeod, Coronation Street’s incredibly gifted young actors will be at the center of a major plotline through 2023.

Iain was quick to laud his “great cohort of children,” and it is understandable why given that actresses like Millie Gibson went on to serve as Doctor Who’s companion.

Iain teased that there will be plenty more drama for the teenagers who were still on the cobbles.

They are the center of a compelling narrative that is both highly relatable and distinctly teenage, he added. We’re hoping it’s the kind of tale that makes people a little uncomfortable and starts awkward TV-watching conversations.

Corrie has appeal across age lines since young people may watch it with their grandmother. I believe that this narrative will inspire intergenerational dialogues that you wouldn’t typically have because of its difficult tonal terrain. It makes me happy.

“We’re working with charities to make sure we get the details right, but ultimately it’s simply about those fantastic young actors being the superstars they are, and then reaching out to the wider community through individuals who are connected to them,” the company said.

This is not the first time that the young cast of Coronation Street has been the focus of the program.

A major plot line from 2021 had Nina and Seb being attacked based solely on how they appeared, which had an impact on many Weatherfield locals.

Iain has said that the new plot will have a similar effect.

The Seb and Nina narrative, which included Roy, Abi, and a large cross-generational cast of characters, was purportedly about an assault on a teen. The ones that don’t fit neatly into one particular demographic are our finest stories.

“Exactly one of those is this.” Huge things for those immediately affected, followed by rippling effects on parents, loved ones, families, and extended friendship circles that affect the entire program.

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