HUGE EASTENDERS SPOILERS AHEAD: Linda worries she’s pregnant, and undercover Callum eventually confesses in next week’s episode.

HUGE EASTENDERS SPOILERS AHEAD: Linda worries she’s pregnant, and undercover Callum eventually confesses in next week’s episode.


The inhabitants of Albert Square will be terrified next week when Callum eventually tells Ben that he’s been working undercover to get dirt on Phil.

Linda passes out in the hospital and believes she is pregnant – but who is the father?

The quest for Bailey continues, with Mitch and Karen making a television appeal.

Callum admits to Ben that he has been working undercover

Ben assures Callum that he was not involved in Kush’s murder and that he will be truthful.

Callum eventually admits to fiancé Ben that he has been working undercover and that the target was Phil, after realizing he hasn’t been truthful.

Ben is shaken by his fiancé’s shocking news and demands answers.

Will Callum turn up at the registry office where he says he’ll be waiting for him?

Violet enters the square:

Violet, a newcomer, pays a visit to Albert Square in the role of Callum and Stuart’s grandmother.

When meeting Ben for the first time, first impressions aren’t great.

Stuart, on the other hand, does not seem to want his grandmother present.

When he finds out she may be staying, how would he react?

Violet also introduces herself to Phil and invites him out for a drink.

Despite his agreement, Phil soon regrets his decision and leaves after Violet’s remarks enrage him.

Is Linda expecting a child?

Linda is conflicted about Nancy’s decision to be sterilized, and Mick urges her not to intervene and aggravate the situation.

Linda is seen making a phone call while pretending to be Nancy, so she isn’t paying attention.

Our favorite landlady’s situation becomes more complicated as she passes out in the hospital while meeting with Nancy’s doctor.

Linda is concerned that she is pregnant, but could Max Branning, who had a brief fling with her, be the father?

Bailey’s whereabouts are unknown.

As the hunt for Bailey continues, residents in the square are becoming more despondent.

Mitch initially refuses to go in for questioning because he believes the cops are looking for him.

Mitch realizes that Bailey was concerned about their financial problems and blames himself for what has happened, making it harder for the Taylor family.

Jack asks Mitch and Karen to make a TV appeal after Keegan creates a fundraiser website.

Karen holds her former boss Apostolos responsible for Bailey’s departure after the TV appeal.

But are they exacerbating the problem?

Lola is concerned about Issac.

Lola is concerned about Issac’s lack of sleep and challenges him.

Issac tells his girlfriend that he no longer takes his medication.

Will he listen to Lola’s demand that he tell his doctor?

Bailey has been located.

Jack is happy to tell Mitch and Karen that Bailey has been spotted sleeping rough after a good television appeal.

Viewers see her with her dog Banjo and a sleeping bag in an underpass.

But who will track her down and return her to her family?


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