How old is Kyle in Emmerdale? Who are his parents and why is his surname Winchester?

After his dramatic on-screen birth in 2011, Kyle Winchester made his debut appearance in Emmerdale.

He has already experienced a lot in his brief life.

But why does Kyle have the last name Winchester, who are his parents, and how old is he?

Fans confused over Kyle’s surname

Fans have been perplexed by Kyle’s surname as he is accused of murder after confessing to killing Al Chapman in recent Emmerdale episodes.

Why is he Kyle Winchester if his mother is Amy Wyatt and his father is Cain Dingle?

It is being questioned by viewers, with some even wondering if they missed the entire plot.

One of them questioned, “Why is Kyle’s last name Winchester but Amy’s is Wyatt and Cain’s Dingle?”

How come Kyle and Amy have different last names? asked the second.

Someone else asked: “Can someone explain why Kyle’s last name is Winchester?”

Who is Kyle Winchester in Emmerdale? Why is his surname Winchester?

They’ve actually forgotten a plot, in truth.

Kyle Emmerdale: Who is he? Why is Winchester his last name?

Kyle is Cain Dingle and Amy Wyatt’s biological son.

In 2011, Amy and Cain had a one-night affair; Amy became pregnant as a result. Amy was 17 years old at the time.

Amy was given money by Cain to get an abortion, but she was unable to carry it out.

With the exception of Cain’s younger sister Belle Dingle, Amy kept her pregnancy a secret.

Amy gave birth to a boy at the community graveyard. She, however, believed he was stillborn and abandoned him in the community phone box.

Hazel Rhodes found him and brought him to the hospital, where the staff gave him the name Kyle.

Amy rushed to the hospital after eventually telling her foster parents Val and Eric that she had given birth.

Amy brought Kyle home on Christmas Day, but she wasn’t prepared to be a mother.

Kyle was taken away and placed in foster care after Amy made a social services call.

Kyle carries the last name Winchester since Tom and Karen Winchester finally adopted him.

What happened to Kyle’s adoptive parents?

Karen and Tom perished from carbon monoxide poisoning in July 2013.

Amy attended the funeral after hearing about it and there she met Kyle’s adoptive grandmother Joanie Wright.

She made friends with Joanie and began dating Kyle, but she kept Kyle’s birth mother a secret from Joanie.

Joanie eventually learned the truth when Eric revealed it.

She issued an order of protection against Amy.

Amy attempted to escape to Ireland with Kyle, but Cain convinced her to return Kyle.

Amy left for Ireland nevertheless, and Cain returned with his son to Joanie.

What happened to Joanie?

Joanie eventually moved in with Lisa and Zak Dingle after finding herself without a place to stay.

This didn’t make Cain pleased.

Despite having an affair with Zak, Joanie was arrested for assault in December 2016.

By now, Cain had begun to get to know Kyle and form a relationship with him.

But when Lisa brought Joanie up from jail in January 2017, Joanie passed away from a heart attack.

Living with Cain and Moira

Zak and Lisa were worried about raising a little child after Joanie’s passing.

Amy’s mother, Kerry, desired to have Kyle, but when a social worker learned that Amy had been taken from Kerry as a toddler, Kyle was briefly placed into care.

Kyle was reunited with Lisa and Zak, and Zak was chosen as his legal guardian.

After some time, Kyle moved in with Cain and Moira.

Amy’s return

Kerry visited Ireland in 2019 and met up with Amy there; Natalie Ann Jamieson had taken over for Chelsea Halfpenny.

Amy was persuaded by Kerry to return to Emmerdale.

Amy informed Kyle that she was his biological mother because she wanted to be a part of his life.

Finally, Cain and Amy decided that they would split custody of Kyle.

How old is Kyle now?

The character Kyle was born on December 1, 2011, making him 11 years old.

He was just 10 years old when he shot Al Chapman.

Who are Kyle’s siblings?

Debbie and Nate, two further children of Cain, have a younger half-brother named Kyle.

Isaac, Cain’s son, was born to Moira in 2017.

Who plays Kyle in Emmerdale?

Molly and Isaac Ainsworth, twins, initially portrayed Kyle in 2011.

Huey Quinn had stepped into Kyle’s former position by the time he made his comeback in 2013.

Kyle is still being played by Huey.

Kyle revealed as a killer in Emmerdale

Cain Dingle learned last month that his sister Chas had been having an affair with the Dingles’ sworn adversary, Al Chapman.

Al was led into meeting with Cain, who used a gun to confront him about the affair.

The two men started fighting after he told him it was only a ruse to catch his attention and put the gun down.

Al, however, ultimately received a gunshot wound and passed away.

Kerry found Cain carrying a gun, approached her dead fiancé, and dialed 911.

Cain was detained and put on trial.

After entering a guilty plea, Cain was compelled to admit that Kyle had actually shot Al when Moira questioned him.

The past few months have been spent by Moira and Amy covering for Kyle since Cain is determined to take the fall.

Kyle, however, went to the police this week on his own after feeling too guilty to keep it a secret any longer.

What does this portend for Kyle’s future as Moira and Amy urgently fight to keep him safe?

Will Cain be allowed to go? And will Kyle serve time in jail?

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