Home and Away’s John, Justin and Leah left devastated over Susie

Home and Away’s John, Justin and Leah left devastated over Susie

Susie makes her getaway.


Home and Away’s John Palmer, Justin Morgan, and Leah Patterson-Baker face a terrible stun one week from now as conspiring Susie McAllister escape Summer Bay with their money.

Susie (Bridie Carter) has been faking a heartfelt interest in John (Shane Withington) for a little while, as she seeks after her definitive point of conning the Summer Bay occupants out of their investment funds.

Ahead of schedule one week from now, Susie fears her violations are finding her when Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) acknowledge something is awry.

At the point when Justin attempts to get the keys for the home that he and Leah have apparently purchased, he’s sickened to find that the bequest specialist has never known about them and the house doesn’t have a place with them.

Justin and Leah go directly to Susie, who took their $90,000 life reserve funds under its affectation being a store for the property.

Susie stays the urge to panic under tension, asserting that it’s each of the one unfortunate mix-ups and she’ll figure it out for Justin and Leah as fast as could be expected.

Truly, Susie is slowing down for a time as she gets ready to make her escape from the Bay.

Similarly, as Susie is going to leave, Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) turns up at the Palmer house to face her.

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Irene hasn’t confided in Susie for quite a while, so reproaches her for her misleading conduct and clarifies that she’s not tricked.

Susie needs to leave as fast as could be expected, so she assaults Irene with a chloroformed cloth and runs out of the house.

Quickly a while later, Susie pulls over her vehicle and runs over her telephone, which has many missed calls from Justin and Leah.

It before long day breaks on John, Justin, and Leah that they’ve all been conned. In addition to the fact that Susie has the $90,000 from Justin and Leah, she has additionally figured out how to get her hands on John’s reserve funds.

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The police are called, however can offer little assistance since Susie has vanished.

Will she at any point be dealt with?

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