Home and Away newcomer Dr Bolton star’s life – co-star dad to Hollywood career

The drama between him and Xander in the hospital has been intensifying, making life difficult for Dr. Bolton, the newest ED physician on Home and Away.

It would be expected for the newest employee in the emergency room to be experiencing some growing pains, but actor Septimus Caton isn’t one of them.

Although he is new to the Home and Away universe, he has experience in show industry and has a well-known father in the real world to support him.

The Daily Star examines Septimus’ life outside of the spotlight, from the gay marriage debate to his Hollywood career, to mark his debut as Dr. Bolton.

Famous dad

Michael Caton, who has been an actor for 40 years and has been in everything from The Castle to Back to the Rafters, is the father of Septimus.

He became famous for his performance as Darryl Kerrigan in the international hit Australian film The Castle, but only received $3,000, or £1,720, for the lead part.

Despite having an 11-day shoot and a $778,000 (£446,000) budget, the feature picture made more than $10 million (£5.7 million) at the box office.

Septimus remarked, “Eleven-day shoot, $3000, but decades of career following,” in reference to his father’s part in the film. That represents The Castle’s true payment.

At the Vatulele Island Resort in Fiji in 2002, Michael wed Septimus’ mother Helen Esakoff.

Gay marriage comments

When Michael Septimus graduated from high school, he acknowledged that he was unaware of the existence of homosexuality.

The celebrity advocated for marriage equality in Australia in 2017, admitting in a video for The Equality Campaign that she was a child of the 1940s and had completed high school without knowing that homosexuality even existed.

“I didn’t begin to meet gay people until I joined the theater, and during the two to three years I spent performing in amateur productions, I met some wonderful people.

Because the word “poofter” was obviously used frequently, it felt a little confrontational to me and caused some internal conflict.

But later, I began to view them as straightforward individuals, and we grew close.

The actor continued by revealing that he had met the long-term partner of one of his co-stars.

Michael explained: “I met Alan’s partner, John. They were together then in 1969 and they’re together now. John is 95, Alan is 88, and they live in a nursing home not far from where I live now. When I consider marriage equality, I consider what it might imply for them.

Hollywood career

Given that he has even appeared in a Marvel film, Septimus’ career is already impressive enough to compete with that of his father.

The star debuted in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine as a bartender, but he has also appeared in the animated films Happy Feet 2 and the children’s movie Peter Pan.

Even in the Australian comedy Packed to the Rafters, Septimus and his father co-starred. His son played Tom Wallace in the series and its follow-up while Michael portrayed Ted Taylor.

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