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Home and Away 5 questions next Week

Christian’s rash decision could jeopardize his wedding, although Nikau faces a tough decision.

Home and Away spoilers.

Christian’s bid for a high-stakes thrill on Australia’s Home and Away threatened to derail his wedding to Tori this week.

In other news, Nikau had to choose between his values and his bank account, and Mac was up against some stiff competition.

Following the recent Australian episodes, we’ve been left with five major questions.

  1. Will Christian’s wedding be postponed?

Christian and Tori have been contemplating a fairytale wedding reception for weeks, but it appears that something has changed for the pair. Since almost getting killed by Lewis, Christian has a fresh perspective on life and tries to chase adrenaline bursts everywhere he can.

Christian was supposed to be picking up his suit ahead of the wedding when he was interrupted by a road sign selling skydives on Thursday’s triple bill of episodes (May 20). With no consideration about anything else, he was going right into the airfield to catch another high-stakes thrill.

The new trailer for Home and Away, which you can see at the top of the list, has already given us a glimpse of where this story is going – and it doesn’t look promising for Tori. When new character Rachel has a bad skydiving crash next week at the airfield, Christian runs in to rescue her.

Christian proceeds to track Rachel’s success at the hospital, and later breaks Tori’s heart by revealing that, due to this situation, he will be unable to attend their wedding in Melbourne. Is Christian willing to put a complete stranger ahead of his wedding plans?

  1. Is Bella in danger of being taken away from Nikau?

Nikau and Bella both had a difficult week as well. When they failed to spend some alone time together, Nikau’s modeling career began to have an influence on their relationship. Things became even worse when Nikau’s scheming agent Sienna persuaded fellow model Allegra to kiss him in front of Bella during a photoshoot.

Nikau considered leaving his new job several times when he got tired of his new employers’ relentless demands and the apparent intimidation techniques they used to manipulate him and Bella.

Nikau got his first paycheck just as he and Bella were about to break ties with the modeling firm, and he was astounded to learn that he was making a fortune. He quickly changed his mind, realizing that this was too good an opportunity to pass up, particularly because he could now support his family.

Bella was also uneasy about Nikau’s decision, even though she knew why he made it. Is there a chance they’ll drift apart if Sienna keeps playing games?

  1. Who will be victorious in the company war?

Ryder and Chloe started selling Mexican food outside Salt this week after launching their new food truck. Their choice of venue was clearly intended to irritate their former boss Mac, who had threatened to cause them trouble if they didn’t drive the vehicle.

Ryder and Chloe had no choice but to defer to Mac because they didn’t have any of the required permits and their carelessness may have jeopardized Alf’s job at the surf club. They relocated their mobile company to the caravan park as a temporary alternative.

The peaceful result, though, would not last long, as Ryder made it clear to Chloe that he will not give up the battle with Mac too quickly.

Next week, tensions will rise when Ryder and Chloe return to Salt with their truck and reignite the fierce rivalry, but who will be able to draw the most customers as the competition becomes more ruthless?

  1. Will Justin get the assistance he requires?

Throughout the week, Justin’s family and friends became deeply anxious for his safety, as he began to display uncharacteristic frustration and impatience when going about his daily routine.

Justin’s problems stemmed from his growing painkiller addiction, which left him depressed and scared when he ran out of options for obtaining his next shipment.

Christian became Justin’s go-to confidante, despite the fact that Justin only told him half of the plot. The surgeon was shocked to learn how badly his future brother-in-back law’s pain had worsened.

Dr. Green encouraged restraint and insisted on other remedies to the issue, including fresh scans down at the hospital, despite Justin’s need for Christian to sort him out with another prescription as a fast remedy. Can Justin, on the other hand, embrace this strategy?

  • 5 Is Alf overworking himself?

Alf is notorious in Summer Bay for balancing several tasks, but the final straw came when Nikau opted to leave his work at the bait shop to focus solely on his modeling.

Although Alf appreciated Nikau’s advancement in the country, he acknowledged that having more work to do across the Bay couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Roo was able to step in and assist when she could, but she was still concerned that Alf was driving himself too hard if he didn’t get any assistance. Alf accused her of being fussy, so will he be in trouble if he doesn’t listen to her advice?

Home and Away airs on Channel 5 (UK) weekdays at 1.15 pm and 6 pm and on Channel 7 (UK) Monday to Thursday at 7 pm (Australia). In the United Kingdom, Amazon Prime Video offers a selection of classic series.

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