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Home and Away 11 huge for next week

Ryder and Mac both quit in a row, while Tane interrogates Ziggy about his history.

Home and Away spoilers.

Following Mac’s decision to dismiss Chloe, Ryder takes a stance against her next week on Home and Away.

Tane puts Ziggy in an awkward situation, while Leah is concerned about Justin’s painkiller addiction.

Here’s a complete list of the 11 major Moment coming up.

  1. Mac catches Ryder and Chloe off guard.

Mac has given Ryder a difficult first taste of responsibility by asking him to fire Chloe, despite his promotion at Salt. He’s unsure how to convey the news to Chloe because he doesn’t want to damage their relationship at this time.

Ryder pretends that he has already fired Chloe in order to gain some time while Mac is off work. When Mac shows up for work for the first time in days, his lie catches up with him.

When Ryder hesitantly explains that he didn’t find the proper time to let Chloe leave, Mac is irritated. She makes a bold move by shooting Chloe directly in front of Ryder.

  1. Ryder resigns from Salt

Ryder suffers a reaction from Chloe, who is angry that he didn’t handle the matter more professionally. He explains the awkwardness to Mac by admitting that Chloe is now his girlfriend, making the situation more personal.

Mac reveals her actual intentions to Dean in private, revealing that she is hesitant to collaborate with Chloe because of her ties to the Parata family.

Ryder tries to argue with Mac about what occurred later, but when she refuses to fire Chloe, he chooses to resign.

  1. Ryder makes an attempt to make apologies

Ryder informs Chloe that he has resigned from Salt in order to demonstrate his devotion to her. Chloe is still unimpressed, claiming that she didn’t ask him to do this.

It’s up to Roo to explain things to Ryder, emphasizing that resigning isn’t the same as merely apologizing for how the incident was handled. Ryder follows his aunt’s advice and apologizes to Chloe, which makes him happy.

Meanwhile, Mac realizes that the restaurant is badly understaffed after losing two employees in a week. She tries to rehire Ryder, but he isn’t interested because she hasn’t rehired Chloe.

  1. Amber asks for Mac’s guidance.

Amber is having difficulties after she declared her love for Dean and he was unable to reciprocate. Amber needs someone to confide in now that Willow is gone, and she picks Mac.

Mac can’t stop thinking about her own recent encounter with Ari, so she tells Amber that all she has to do now is determine if she’s willing to be second best.

Amber eventually catches up with Dean and attempts to mend their relationship, but they may just be covering up the fractures.

  1. There are additional grounds for Amber to be suspicious about Dean.

Summer Bay comes together for the surf competition, and Dean is under pressure to impress Jai and win family tickets to Movie World. Fortunately, Dean and Ziggy surpass the competitors and are declared the competition’s king and queen.

Amber and Tane are in the audience as Dean and Ziggy celebrate their triumph. Amber makes a remark about how close the former couple seem to be, giving Tane pause for thinking.

  1. Tane is looking for answers from Ziggy.

Tane can’t help but ask Ziggy why she parted from Dean in the first place when Amber sows doubt in his mind during the surf competition. This inquiry puts Ziggy in a difficult situation because she can’t explain the true reasons without revealing Dean’s role in Ross’s murder cover-up.

When Ziggy is unable to open up to Tane, he turns to Bella for help but is unsuccessful. Tane is adamant about not letting this go, and Ziggy begs him to forget about it, but will he?

  1. Leah ignores Justin’s warning indications

Leah continues to scour the internet for information on Susie’s scams and where she is now. Justin is concerned that Leah is devoting so much time to this that it is verging on obsession.

Leah is so focused on Susie that she misses the fact that Justin isn’t acting like himself. Justin runs out of pills after double-dosing on his prescription and is unable to obtain a new supply from his usual doctor. He contacts another doctor instead, out of desperation.

  1. Justin becomes enraged at Leah.

Leah comes hunting for Justin after he inexplicably misses his surf competition heat. Justin is found in a terrible state by Leah, and he admits to double-dosing on his prescription, albeit he claims it was an isolated incident.

Justin refuses to visit a doctor despite Leah’s persistent requests, and he snaps furiously at her. Justin’s enraged demeanor perplexes Leah, who wonders why he wouldn’t want to seek medical help if this was truly a one-time occurrence.

  1. John accepts responsibility for his errors.

Irene is in charge of keeping hardware shop owner Gus pleased during the surf competition. Gus had threatened to sue the surf club, so everyone is working hard to make sure he has a good time.

Gus irritates Irene, and she can’t keep quiet when he accuses John of being duped by Susie. When Irene tells Gus what she truly thinks of him, he is taken aback.

Later, John gives a speech in which he accepts responsibility for his faults in the Susie scenario. He also expresses gratitude to Roo, Alf, and Dean for their assistance in putting things back on track.

  1. Nikau mulls over his options

After seeing Nikau at a municipal event, a modeling agency is eager to begin working with him. Even though Nikau is emphatic that he isn’t interested, the agency refuses to stop approaching him.

Bella persuades Nikau to at least listen to the agency, so he sets up a lunch meeting with them so he can tell them to back off in person. As the time to exchange pleasantries over dinner approaches, Nikau begins to regret his choices.

  1. Christian, Tori, and Jasmine react to the news of Lewis’s death.

After taking full responsibility for his misdeeds, Christian, Tori, and Jasmine learn that Lewis will not have to go to trial. Lewis has admitted to attempting to murder Christian and murdering three hospital patients in order to frame him for negligence.

Tori refuses to feel sorrow for Lewis because she is still traumatized by how close she came to losing Christian. Christian, on the other hand, believes Lewis was both mentally sick and a victim.

Tori is taken aback by Christian’s compassion, and she begins to wonder if his attitude on life has changed after his near-death experience. Is there a chance that a schism is forming between the couple?

Home and Away airs on Channel 5 (UK) weekdays at 1.15 pm and 6 pm, with first peek screenings at 6.30 pm on 5STAR. In the United Kingdom, Amazon Prime Video offers a selection of vintage episodes.

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