Hollyoaks teases Mercedes McQueen and Romeo Nightingale affair

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The pair decide to have a night in.

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Mercedes McQueen and Romeo Nightingale have apparently started a toss in hot Hollyoaks scenes.

Both have been on the outs with their accomplices of late, particularly after Sylver skank disgraced his better half Mercedes over the spilled video that had been going around on the web.

While Sylver appeared to be determined to offering reparations in Tuesday’s (March 30) first-look scene, his wrathful girl Cher (Bethannie Hare) mediated to propose the couple required some time separated.

Cher proposed that Sylver invest some dad girl energy with her all things considered, with the two winding up on a short-term outdoors trip away from the town.

Romeo at that point astounded her by uncovering: “You can act naturally with me, and I feel that is awesome.”

The youngster had no clue she was coincidentally making way for Romeo to at last follow up on his developing heartfelt affections for Mercedes after Mercy declared she was heading out to have a great time.

“I’ve taken a stab at everything to satisfy Sylver’s guidelines. I’ve made a decent attempt, however, I can’t be what he needs,” she conceded.


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