Hollyoaks spoilers: Sylver McQueen ‘returns’ to haunt Goldie

In future Hollyoaks scenes, Goldie McQueen (Chelsea Healey) believes Sylver (David Tag) is giving her a message from beyond.

When the former barmaid notices a litter of acorns, she believes it is a message from her late brother.

She discovers a spiritual skill while attempting to make touch! In the next scenes, she will be keen to put her psychic abilities to the test at The Dog.

Is Sylver, on the other hand, sending Goldie a message?

Fans will recall that Sylver died earlier this year after his stepson Bobby Costello (Jayden Fox) abandoned him in the blaze at Salon De Thé.

After a devastating explosion raced through the premises, the patisserie went up in flames, putting numerous lives in jeopardy.

Among those trapped inside were Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) and Cher (Bethannie Hare), with the former attempting everything she could to save the latter.

Meanwhile, Sylver had left the hamlet, but a video message from Cher pulled him back, and he spent no time in rushing into the blazing building to save his loved ones’ lives.

He returned to the blaze to search missing Bobby after rescuing Mercedes and Cher, but a beam of wood toppled on him.

While Sylver was confined, Bobby stood by and observed. Sylver begged the little kid to take Mercedes, and he eventually agreed.

Bobby, on the other hand, said that he did not see Sylver inside the blazing building when he exited.

Sylvie was killed. In the aftermath of the fire, Bobby’s behavior deteriorated further, with the young kid hitting Kathleen Angel and Theresa, making charges against Sam Chen-Williams, and even laying a revenge trap for Cleo.

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