Hollyoaks’ Romeo Nightingale to face false allegations in Rayne story

In Hollyoaks’ Rayne Royce plot, Romeo Nightingale will be accused of making false statements.

Viewers are already aware of the manipulative behavior of social media personality Rayne, who recently exposed his shadowy side by driving a rift between Romeo and his loved ones.

Rayne’s recent violent outburst toward her partner, which resulted in shocking images in which he crashed through a glass table, was the culmination of the situation.

In fresh scenes that will run the following week, Rayne convinces Zoe to take part in a livestream that exposes Sam’s poisonous behavior in the hopes that it will discourage Faye from working with Lizzie and her family. Romeo feels humiliated when he makes an effort to stop it.

The webcast is then questioned by Hunter, who prompts Zoe to abandon her original purpose. Due to his apology, Romeo is blamed by Rayne, who then becomes enraged with him once more.

Rayne gaslights him by downplaying her attack and insisting on putting her career first while he is still in pain from the day before.

Then, after Rayne makes a post about domineering partners, Faye misinterprets it as being about Romeo and devises a scheme to leverage it to Rayne’s professional advantage.

Romeo stumbles while attempting to contact Hunter and James, who receive a notification calling Romeo a domineering boyfriend. James is now adamant about defending Romeo’s name in court.

While this is going on, Lacey overhears Rayne and Faye discussing how Rayne is using coercive control to make Romeo look bad online. Lacey calls Rayne out for this. Romeo enters as soon as she declares that she is repulsive. Rayne then uses her influence to persuade Lacey to remain silent regarding the source of the story about him.

Donna-Marie, who can no longer hide her phone from Joel and Leela, learns the truth, and she becomes enraged that she couldn’t have done more to help Romeo.

Romeo answers a call during the broadcast, which enrages Rayne, and he later worries about his mother’s well-being after learning that she has gone missing. Although Rayne tricks him into remaining, Romeo sets out to find her.

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