You are currently viewing Hollyoaks’ Goldie McQueen has been clashing with Olivia Bradshaw

Hollyoaks’ Goldie McQueen has been clashing with Olivia Bradshaw

In recent months, Goldie McQueen and Olivia Bradshaw have been at odds over the latter’s engagement to Goldie’s son Prince, and things are set to heat up again next week.

Olivia will attempt to plan her hen do in scenes that will appear in the weeks leading up to Halloween. However, when Goldie gets involved on Prince’s advice, she begins to take control, and Olivia cracks.

She then overhears Goldie discussing her with Scott, calling her “boring.”

When Goldie receives a frightening letter, she confides in Olivia about a secret she’s kept hidden for years and never told anyone else.

She begs Olivia to keep it a secret, but will she, especially Prince, do so? What is the secret, exactly?

Malique Thompson-Dwyer, who plays Goldie in Prince, spoke to Digital Spy a few weeks ago about the Goldie and Olivia feud, saying: “Because Goldie is Prince’s mother, he is caught in the middle of the scenario. He’s obviously in love with Olivia as well, so he’s undecided. The only reason Goldie is attempting to destroy things is because she believes Prince is leaving to join Olivia in New Zealand.

“In real life, if my mother found out that I was planning to move to New Zealand with someone, she’d probably try to prevent it! That strikes me as a very’mum’ thing to do. Hopefully, Goldie will be able to get over it, accept Olivia as her daughter-in-law, and simply accept it.”

This week also saw the announcement that Natalie Anderson, a former Emmerdale actress, will be joining the Channel 4 drama for a major plotline.

“I’m ecstatic to be portraying Lexi. I’m having a lot of fun with her because she’s such a powerful and compelling character with a lot of layers “she stated

“Working with Chris Charles has been a blast, and I’ve enjoyed learning more about Lexi and Nate’s connection as the novel progresses. I’m having a great time, and everyone at Hollyoaks has been so nice.

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