Hollyoaks begins John Paul storyline with newcomer

Following the arrival of the new headteacher in the community, Hollyoaks started the narrative involving John Paul McQueen and newcomer Carter Shepherd.

Carter was greeted by the McQueens in tonight’s (August 17) episode, and a smitten Goldie introduced him to Mercedes and John Paul.

Despite the fact that he was still reeling from the horrific incident at The Loft, when he was the target of a homophobic assault, the latter was certain that he wanted to go on.

He was having memories of the incident when Sally dropped a bottle of wine as he was telling her that he still intended to go to the club for Gay Night and had to leave till he regained his composure.

Later, he revealed in Scott that he preferred spending time with his family over going out to parties because he didn’t want the attack to force him into a corner.

When they got back to the BBQ, John Paul and Carter started talking, with the former disclosing that he still held himself responsible for Freya’s injury and that his own issues were insignificant in comparison.

As “change [was] the only constant in life,” Carter advised him to stop being so hard on himself and to start making changes right now.

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