Hollyoaks airs death cliffhanger as a body is found

The following are spoilers from Tuesday’s first-look episode of Hollyoaks, which you can watch now on All 4. This page contains storyline details that some viewers may choose to avoid because these sequences haven’t yet broadcast on television.

An terrible cliffhanger for James Nightingale’s family has aired on Hollyoaks.

The first-look episode on Tuesday finished with a surprise visit from DS Cohen for Romeo, Donna-Marie, and Juliet.

James vanished from the village lately, following a troubling downward spiral in which he stole money, gambled foolishly, and invested in dangerous cryptocurrency markets.

In the most recent episode of Hollyoaks, the lawyer’s loved ones struggled to make ends meet while he was away.

To make some additional money, Romeo suggested setting up a market stand, but this backfired when Donna-turbulent Marie’s past came out in her interview with Tom Cunningham.

Donna-Marie rushed out, believing she was being judged, and ruled out the stall concept.

Verity Hutchinson advised that the Nightingale family report Marnie’s car – which James had left in – as stolen as the family began to investigate other options.

Verity mentioned that the cops would look for the car and, perhaps, find James in the process.

When DS Cohen arrived later, the Nightingales assumed they were in luck, but she delivered some disappointing news.

“The car you reported stolen was abandoned in an industrial park,” DS Cohen revealed. In the car’s boot, there was a body.

“They’ll be bringing the automobile back to Dee Valley tomorrow morning, and we’d like you to come in for an official identification.”

The good news for Hollyoaks fans is that James appears to be alive and well in upcoming spoilers, but there’s still a lot to learn about his present absence and how it led to a body in the boot.

James will even be subjected to a police interrogation by DS Cohen in this Friday’s first-look episode as he recalls a fateful night.

Gregory Finnegan, who plays James, recently told Digital Spy that his character’s current plotline has a lot more to offer.

“It gets to the point where those connections may never recover,” he stated. That’s how horrible things are going to get.

“It’s difficult to film because we’ve spent so much time seeing James form bonds with Romeo, Juliet, and even Donna-Marie to some level.” It’s difficult to watch him suddenly shatter all of those bonds.

“I believe we’re on the verge of hitting rock bottom, but it won’t be for a few months!” It’s possible that James’ career is coming to an end.

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