Here’s how Coronation Street fans can buy the show’s first-ever gin

Fans of Coronation Street can now purchase a gin flavour dedicated to one of the show’s most memorable characters.

The company behind the venerable ITV1 serial has teamed up with brewers No. 186 Gin on an alcoholic beverage brand inspired around Hilda Ogden, who was the late Jean Alexander’s character from 1964 to 1987. This partnership was first revealed in November.

Ducky Wonky The iconic painted ducks on the wall of No. 13, the apartment where Hilda quarrelled with her husband Stan for most of the soap opera’s heyday, served as the inspiration for Old Tom Gin.

Nearly 40 years after leaving the soap opera, Hilda is still remembered as a beloved character because of the funny impression she made with her hair always in curlers and a scarf.

No. 186 Gin has combined the aromas of Manchester’s famous Eccles cake with currants and orange zest to create a full-strength gin with a 37.5% ABV (alcohol by volume) that captures the essence of this adored soap character.

Wonky Duck Old Tom Gin from Coronation Street and No. 186 Gin are currently available for £33.95 each from Master of Malt for fans to purchase.

Wonky Duck Old Tom Gin’s creator, Lynsey Postlethwaite of No. 186 Gin, has remarked that producing it for Corrie has been a labour of love.

We are aware that Hilda enjoyed a port and lemon in the Rovers, but we are confident that if it had been available then, she would have chosen a Wonky Duck and tonic since the warm currants and hints of honey would have been to her taste.

Pub cleaner Hilda, known for her distinctive “ta-ra” greetings, was a mix of cheeky charm and Northern grit during the years she irritated Rovers Return landlady Annie Walker.

Through the 62-year history of the soap opera, she has consistently placed among the top characters on Coronation Street.

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