Grey’s Anatomy season 18: Release date, cast, plot, trailer, and everything

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers.

Grey’s Anatomy season 18 is officially on the air, which isn’t unexpected given how many viewers it consistently attracts.

During Disney’s pre-upfront news conference, Craig Erwich, head of ABC Entertainment and Hulu Originals, remarked, “Grey’s Anatomy continues to be a rating powerhouse.” (Image courtesy of Deadline)

“This season was a hit with the audience. This year, I think Grey’s Anatomy did an outstanding job conveying the tales of all the frontline soldiers waging the good battle [against] COVID. We’ll keep watching Grey’s Anatomy as long as we can.”

Everything you need to know is right here.

Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy premiere date: When will it air?

Seasons 2–16 have all broadcast in September in the United States (because of licensing restrictions, the UK debut date is always several months later), with Season 17 being postponed to November (for reasonable worldwide reasons – detailed on the program itself).

However, it is unclear if the program would premiere in the United States this winter or in early 2022.

Who will appear in Grey’s Anatomy season 18?

All of the following are expected to return for Season 18:

Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.), Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), Dr. Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone), Dr. Jo Wilson (Kelly McCreary), Dr. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary), Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver), Jake Borelli (Dr. Levi Schmitt), Dr (Dr. Cormac Hayes).

However, Giacomo Gianniotti’s character, Dr. Andrew DeLuca, was stabbed and died as a result of his injuries.

“I think it all made sense when I heard it wasn’t anything to do with that [his mental health and bipolar diagnosis] and he was to be murdered by a sex trafficker – and that it was an opportunity to revisit a storyline that generated a lot of buzzes last season and shed light on an issue that is very important.”

“I suddenly realized that we could convey this tale and bring attention to a problem that needs to be brought to light.”

Dr. Jackson Avery and Dr. Tom Koracick left to join the Catherine Fox Foundation in Boston, as did Jesse Williams and Greg Germann.

“Greg Germann is a comedy genius, and we’ve been so fortunate to have him on our program for the past few years,” added Vernoff. “We’ll miss Greg dreadfully in the day-to-day – but we’re hoping to see Tom Koracick [as a guest star] again,” says the cast (via Deadline).

What will the narrative of Grey’s Anatomy season 18 be about?

To be honest, you could produce an entire show on the behind-the-scenes turmoil this year – but it would be far too meta.

Season 18 is in the works, although it’s unclear whether it’ll be the series’ last installment.

“I’ve informed [ABC] that I have to know what we’re creating before I do the finale,” Vernoff stated. “Because there will be a few character threads that will shift. I’ve prepared for both scenarios. Either there will be a resolution, or I will include something that will leave a cliffhanger and a thread for next season.”

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we – and Vernoff – learn more about the show’s future, so bookmark this page for all the latest news and scoops.

When will we see the Grey’s Anatomy season 18 trailer?

Not for a long time! Our first glimpse at the season 18 video isn’t expected until late 2021 at the earliest, but you can bet we’ll put it right into this section as soon as it arrives.

Grey’s Anatomy is shown on ABC in the United States on Sky Witness in the United Kingdom, with selected episodes also accessible on NOW and Disney+ in the United Kingdom.

Grey’s Anatomy

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