You are currently viewing Grey’s Anatomy fans react to Meredith Grey twist in latest episode

Grey’s Anatomy fans react to Meredith Grey twist in latest episode

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers follow.

Grey’s Anatomy uncovered the destiny of Meredith Grey in the show’s most recent scene in the midst of her fight with Covid.

Late scenes of the ABC dramatization have seen Meredith float all through awareness, in the process rejoining with various countenances from the past remembering Derek Shepherd for her psyche seashore.

In any case, close by a fantasy wedding for the pair, the previous evening’s (April 22) scene ‘Great As Hell’ saw Meredith choose to rejoin the universe of the living instead of stay with Derek.

In the passionate scenes, little girl Zola is gotten and converses with her oblivious mother, while simultaneously Derek discloses to Meredith that their children need her and that she “needs to go”.

We at that point consider everybody’s to be as Meredith comes round in the medical clinic, while Derek strolls off into the distance – and the second naturally had fans in tears.

“Meredith saying ‘We love you. We love you. We love you Zozo.’ on the grounds that [she] and Derek abandoned being together for their children. I’m kicking the bucket,” one fan sincerely composed.

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“Meredith saying ‘we love you Zola’ alluding to both her and Derek. My heart,” another additional, while a third was likewise in tears over the Derek scenes, composing essentially “Meredith and Derek” joined by crying emoticons.

“Not Derek leaving down the seashore. By Derek,” another tweeted.

One fan likewise shared their shock at seeing the wedding, saying: “This season has had many astonishments however seeing Meredith in a wedding dress may very well top them all.”

Grey’s Anatomy season 17 breaths of air on ABC in the US and Sky Witness in the UK, with chose scenes likewise accessible on NOW. Seasons 1-15 are gushing on Disney+

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