Gabby Thomas takes drastic action to seduce Nicky in Emmerdale

HOME Despite his desire to Gabby Thomas, farm nanny Nicky is determined to maintain a tight professional relationship.

Next week on Emmerdale, Sarah makes another move because she has other ideas for him.

The young mother, played by Rosie Bentham, told her new employee that she had been thinking about him, but Nicky rejected her right away.

In an unexpected turn of events, the nanny (Lewis Cope) finally confessed to Gabby that the attraction was mutual.

Nicky informed Gabby he couldn’t start a romance with her because of his job as a Home Farm employee, but then he remembered she was his boss.

But, in scenes that will air on ITV the following week, Gabby expresses her growing frustration with Nicky and her continued hope for a romantic relationship.

She devises a scheme to light a spark with him when Nicky continues to rebuff her attempts and stand his ground.

Knowing Nicky is fixated on her, Gabby invites him to zip up her dress and smiles at the prospect of finally moving things forward with him.

Yet that’s just the beginning of her strategy.

Gabby has an idea and decides to temporarily terminate Nicky so they may have fun after realizing that the only reason he’s reluctant to initiate anything with her is because she’s his boss.

Sadly, Nicky’s decision to exit the games after being unimpressed leaves her floundering.

Nicky has caused viewers of the Yorkshire-based soap to swoon and worry.

After being employed as a nanny for Dawn Fletcher’s own children and Gabby’s son Thomas, many of them think the newcomer is too wonderful to be true.

A few fans believe Nicky and Caleb Milligan are plotting to avenge DI Malone and may be working together.

Could Nicky and Gabby not be moving forward because of a covert scheme?

Is he concealing anything?

Or maybe he’s just rejecting her because he wants to uphold his morals?

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