Furious ITV Emmerdale fans wonder if character has ‘been possessed’ as they demand ‘get rid’

Chas Dingle has angered Emmerdale viewers as she yelled at her family and then retreated back into Al Chapman’s arms.

The heroine, played by Lucy Pargeter, has been enjoying an illicit relationship with her ex-enemy behind her husband Paddy’s back, as viewers of the ITV soap opera are well aware.

Earlier this year, Belle Dingle was the first to catch the duo, but she remained silent when Chas decided to go abroad for Al.

She made a promise to terminate things, but she broke it after Chas’ son Aaron learned of her scandalous secret after his return to the hamlet last month.

However, the mourning character was horrified to learn last week that his mother was still seeing Al because it was he who had driven her to the hospital after she had been hurt in the terrifying windstorm.

Danny Miller’s character Aaron then accused Chas of being responsible for Liv’s death, claiming that she and her husband Vinny had only left the house to watch over Chas’ daughter Eve so Paddy could run to the hospital.

This week, Chas was shocked to learn that her mother had committed herself rather than passing away from her terminal cancer.

She was even more furious to learn that Moira, her sister-in-law, was aware of her mother’s plans to commit suicide before the sickness rendered her unable to care for herself.

Chas hurried quickly to see Al after arguing with Moira and Cain after forbidding the latter from attending her mother’s burial. He advised the woman to “call me if things become too much,” and soon after she had a falling-out with Paddy over her treatment of Moira and Cain, they were back together.

She complained to Al about her family’s lack of concern for her and asked him to have them depart after the service. Al told them they could leave whenever she wanted, and Chas responded, “Tomorrow works for me.”

She responded: “Why not? as Al, who had been caught off guard, queried if she was certain. Cain doesn’t give a damn about me; his only concern is safeguarding his beloved wife.

Paddy is attempting to gloss over everything; he is not thinking about how I am feeling. And as for Aaron (Dingle, Danny Miller), we both know that when he finds out what we’re doing, he’s going to despise me.

While Paddy prepared his wife’s attire for the double burial of Faith and Liv and Aaron was seen laboring to write a eulogy for his sibling, Cain was seen on screen anxiously attempting to contact his sibling.

It’s also fair to say that Chas’ most recent choice did not impress Emmerdale viewers at all. Has Chas been possessed? She’s just gone way over the top when she only has herself and that other pointless article to blame, according to @annieg446. “Chas has to be the most egotistical guy ever,” raged @deedurkin33. Get rid of.

“So sick of Chas going to Al at every opportunity and being the victim,” wrote @justme 30 01. I sincerely hope she is exposed for being with him when Faith died and receives everything she is due. And yes, I am aware that it is a lie. I’ve pretty much followed Emmerdale my entire life, but I can honestly say that if Chas isn’t fired soon, I’ll have to stop watching, raged @darciebean.

What a disgusting person she has become. “I have to stop watching this for a while cannot handle more of Chas she has become the most horrible woman on TV,” @SusanGa75213985 said. She is now worse than Al, which I don’t like about the plot! #Emmerdale.”

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