Furious Emmerdale viewers respond to Naomi’s bombshell about Nicola attack

Emmerdale fans are outraged once more as tonight’s episode provided more information on Nicola’s attack. Tonight Naomi admitted that she had been involved, as several viewers had already suspected.

Naomi admitted to her father, Charles, that she had not initiated the attack on Nicola but had simply been present when it occurred on that fateful evening. Despite wanting to assist, she acknowledged that she was enjoying blending in with her new acquaintances.

And to make matters worse, she admitted that she was afraid the gang would attack her if she even told the police what had happened. Charles, however, was not persuaded, and he insisted that she tell the truth.

The entire episode, Naomi used an emotional blackmail attempt to force Charles to stand up for her. She once used the “absent father” card, telling him that now was his turn to be a genuine parent because he had “done nothing” for her.

However, Charles maintained his composure and warned Naomi that he doesn’t want anything to do with her unless she tells the truth to the police. The same sentiment was shared by Emmerdale viewers.

“Charles is right for once, Naomi has to call the cops,” tweeted @RyanGsoapking11. “Charles, it’s not rocket science…tell Naomi to come clean or you’ll do it for her,” remarked @Pam Debeauvoir.

And @HasanHussain747 added: “When Naomi tries to dump a guilt bomb on Charles after using a sob story to try and justify her and the girls’ behavior by attacking Nicola.

Additionally, viewers caught Naomi, who has been notoriously distant from Charles thus far, attempting to capitalize on the fact that she is his daughter. Oh for goodness’ sake Naomi, one minute you don’t want to know Charles and he’s not your father, then the next you’re in the poop and you say he’s your father, remarked @Pilch1972.

Bloody Naomi bleating that Charles never helped her, @Gillianapply wrote, “FFS he didn’t know she existed till a few weeks ago.”

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