Furious Emmerdale fans asks Wendy ‘who does she think she is’ over custody clash with Kim

This evening’s triple-bill came to a nasty conclusion with a fight between Kim and Wendy from Emmerdale about who would take care of tiny Millie. Kim was incensed to learn that her troublesome son Jamie was still alive in the first of tonight’s three episodes.

She discovered that Jamie was still alive and well despite pretending to be dead since he had attacked Hazel viciously. Hazel told Kim that Jamie had thrown her down the stairs in a fit of wrath while she was in the hospital.

Kim was devastated to hear the news, but she stayed strong for Hazel and reported Jamie for attempted murder.

However, once Kim was in the safety of her own house, her feelings overcame her, and she wrecked her living room.

Millie, Jamie’s daughter, was staying with Kim while Hazel was in the hospital, but she left when she overheard Kim talking negatively about her father. Millie was eventually located by Wendy in her own home, after the entire village had been looking for her.

Given that it was the same home she had shared with her late mother, Andrea, fans were not shocked to see Millie run there. Instead of returning Millie to Kim’s residence, where she would have been secure, Wendy made the decision to take care of Millie.

Kim was informed that Millie would not be returning to Home Farm when she arrived at the neighborhood cafe to pick up Wendy, who had been escorted there for lunch. Fans, however, have responded angrily to the custody dispute, with some claiming Wendy has no right to oppose Kim.

@griannedoherty3 said: “Legally Wendy doesn’t truly have a leg to stand on whether she likes it or not. Why is Wendy so determined to keep Millie away from Kim? Not like she’s connected.”

Tweeted @zoe4umbracad: “Wow, Wendy, I can’t believe you. She has no relation to Millie. Her son has to come home.” by @LunaLocoJewels “Wendy thinks she is someone else. She is far more nasty than Kim, but she refuses to acknowledge it “.

Tweeted @penniless poet “Kim the grandma is instructed to perform one by Wendy the fake nurse. Mother of the rapists, Wendy who attempted to obtain her bad ex’s inheritance for her grandsons. Such Wendy “. “What rights has Wendy got in all of this… Oh yeah NONE!” tweeted @Chestikov69.

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