Furious Emmerdale fans all say the same thing as Dawn disowns Harriet over betrayal

After Harriet betrayed Dawn in a shocking twist tonight, Emmerdale viewers weren’t slow to call her out.

Dawn has had a difficult week because she recently attended the funeral of her best friend.

A acquaintance from her previous life as a sex worker named Beth passed away from a heroin overdose.

Jade brought Dawn back to her apartment after the burial, but things quickly turned bad when Dawn discovered that Jade was still abusing drugs and that her house was in a bad condition.

The situation didn’t get any better when she subsequently saw a small child dozing off in a dog basket.

When Dawn confronted Jade, she learned that the girl was Clemmie, the deceased friend’s daughter, and that Jade had pledged to take care of her.

After a heated exchange, Dawn was able to remove her from her home after realizing that it wasn’t a suitable place for a young child.

In tonight’s episode of the ITV soap opera, Harriet and Dawn engaged in back-and-forth conversation as Harriet argued why keeping her wasn’t a smart idea.

Clemmie left after overhearing the conversation. Billy soon came across her and they grew close because they had both experienced loss.

Dawn wanted to keep Clemmie with them for a while longer, so Dawn and Billy talked about their next course of action.

Before they could reach her directly, a social worker showed there and whisked her away in a police car.

Unhappy Dawn bid the girl farewell with a sad goodbye, already feeling a connection to and duty to care for her.

It didn’t take her long to find out that Harriet was the one who had called social services.

Harriet made an effort to justify her actions by saying that she had thought about everyone.

Dawn, however, would have none of it and vowed never to pardon her.

The public didn’t seem to support Harriet’s choice either, as they immediately took to social media to disparage her as a “grass.”

@kezzab333 “Harriet the grass #emmerdale,” read the tweet. “F***ing grass, Harriet #Emmerdale,” wrote @homebrew19721.

“Harriet you little grass #Emmerdale,” remarked @RyanGSoapKing11 “Harriet is a heartless b****! #Emmerdale,” commented @LukeHayesII1.

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