Fuming Emmerdale fans accuse Matty of making Leyla situation ‘about himself’

Fans of Emmerdale have spoken out against Matty once more, claiming that he is making the Leyla crisis “about himself.”

In tonight’s episode, Moira had to confront Matty in order to get him to quit his grudge towards Suzy.

Since Suzy played a role in his sister’s death, Matty has been harboring animosity and resentment towards her for weeks.

In 2016, Holly overdosed on medicines that had been administered to her by the aforementioned.

But instead of attempting to move on, Matty has clung to a crippling resentment and has repeatedly used it to pursue Suzy.

In the past night’s episode, Matty even hid a bag of narcotics in Suzy’s car that he had discovered in Leyla’s office.

Matty’s mother, Moira, sat him down for a serious conversation tonight and warned him that he would very likely wind up in prison himself. Before the two of them exchanged an intense embrace, he declared that his grudge “ends now.”

While Leyla is in the hospital recovering from a heroin overdose, Emmerdale fans have been left rolling their eyes and accusing Matty of making the problem about himself.

During yesterday’s show, the long-suffering addict overdosed on cocaine due to the stress of losing the drugs she had been saving for her dealer.

“Matty is such a dumbass Leyla might be dead because of him,” tweeted @RyanGSoapKing11 on Twitter.

“Don’t know about anyone else, but watching Matty now, I’d rather be in Leyla’s state,” @itzzzo_ added.

“I truly don’t know how Matty has leapt to the conclusion that it’s about him,” said @IAmSamJMartin.

Posted by @Soniast94597425 “As usual, Matty makes everything about him. Wimp”. “Oh here we go-the blame’s going to be thrown on Suzy regardless of drama queen Matty’s conduct,” tweeted @Matt528chap.

However, other people have defended Matty, so not everyone was against him. RT @MrShortieUK: “You didn’t make Leyla take the drugs, Matty,” responded @LunaLocoJewels, adding, “Relax, Matty; you haven’t killed anyone.

You’re still not as horrible as your mother, whose bloodthirsty bleating ego is cheerfully condemning everyone “.

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