Former Emmerdale star Michael Parr announces new project

Michael Parr, a former member of the cast of Emmerdale, has scored a new role and will be returning to the stage at St Helens Theatre Royal to appear in the comedy Rita, Sue & Bob Too!

The comedy, which had its beginnings as a 1987 motion picture, centers on two working-class girls named Rita and Sue who watch Bob and Michelle’s children.

But their lives are completely upended when Bob has an affair with them both.

When she finds out, Michelle breaks up with Bob, and when Bob decides on Rita, the two friends become estranged. However, a sad turn of events will ultimately reunite them all.

Parr has played on the St Helens stage before; in fact, he was a member of the cast of Blood Brothers there in 2005.

According to Parr, who left Emmerdale as Ross Barton in 2018, “St Helens Theatre Royal is where it all began for me really — this is where I realized that I wanted to be a professional actor.”

“Being back here makes it truly seem as though everything has come full circle; it’s an amazing sensation. I can only hope that through inspiring someone else, I may return the favor.”

Chantelle Nolan, the theater’s manager and director, added her thoughts on Michael going back to the theater, saying:

“This is a very exciting announcement for us, as it marks the return of one of our most well-liked comedies and the debut of local performer Michael Parr, who last appeared on the St Helens Theatre Royal stage 17 years ago, when he was just starting his great playing career.

He then established himself as a very talented and accolade-winning actor. The St. Helens crowd will undoubtedly greet Michael and our incredible cast with open arms.

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