You are currently viewing Following Dipi’s farewell moments, Neighbours star Sharon Johal gives fans an update on the racism probe.

Following Dipi’s farewell moments, Neighbours star Sharon Johal gives fans an update on the racism probe.

“It’s been a really traumatic/disappointing experience.”
Sharon Johal, star of Neighbours, has updated fans on the racism probe, stating that the independent assessment is still underway and characterizing it as “very distressing.”

Shareena Clanton, who played a second Sheila Canning on the show, declared in April that she would never work on the show again after alleging discriminatory occurrences.
Other former cast members, including Johal, who recently left the program as Dipi Rebecchi, spoke out thereafter.
Johal later returned as a guest star for Yashvi’s leave storyline, and she recounted her painful experience returning to the Ramsay Street serial on Instagram.
“As you surely know, returning after speaking up was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. It wasn’t the best of times, “she stated

“I had agreed to return before I left the show the year before, wanting to honor my character’s story, but only after certain precautions were taken to keep me safe, such as never being on set with my perpetrators, among other things, and with the help of my excellent union and reps.”
The impact of the probe on Johal’s mental health was then explored, with Johal characterizing it as “all-encompassing at moments.”
“The time and severe involvement in this are extensive and re-traumatizing over and over again,” she added. “It is voluntarily without any benefit to me whatsoever, and it is simply to make things better for others, at the expense of my own mental health.”
“While I’m at ease now, investigations are still ongoing, have been all-encompassing at points, and the whole thing has been terribly traumatic/disappointing on so many levels, with a lack of support from individuals who should have known better.”

Johal thanked everyone for their support at the end of her post.

“Thank you for staying with me this far. It means a lot to me, and I really appreciate it! The adventure continues! “she continued.
When approached by Digital Spy, neighbors declined to comment on Johal’s remarks.

Neighbors air on Channel 5 (UK) weekdays at 1.45 pm and 5.30 pm and on 10 Peach weekdays at 6.30 pm (Australia).

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