Five shocking ITV Emmerdale theories: major exit, new villain and legend returns amid crash horror

After spending seventeen years in the community, SOAP icon Matthew Wolfenden is departing the Dales.

This week, a major shock could be in store for the Emmerdale fan favourite. But this is the kind of drama that might be just around the corner.

1. Heartbreak for one villager

Matthew Wolfenden’s character, David Metcalfe, has been looking for love in the ITV village once more.

However, despite the months that have passed quickly since their breakup, he is secretly trying to mend fences with ex-fiancée Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins).

However, the shopkeeper is in for an unpleasant revelation, which, according to fans of the Yorkshire-based programme, will force him to leave the show’s namesake village in search of a way to mend his shattered heart.

David is clueless. Following an allergic reaction that landed him in the hospital, his own Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) suddenly admitted his emotions for Victoria.

Coming up, David has asked Jacob to give an explanation for declining a second date that he unintentionally accepted.

As a jealous Victoria looks on, Jacob offers to go out for a drink with David’s date, Abby, out of sympathy.

The energy between Jacob and Victoria heats up as he bids Abby goodbye, and soon they are sharing a passionate kiss.

Victoria swiftly backs off after realising her error, but Jacob is left ecstatic.

Later, when David hears Victoria’s words of consolation as something more, he is given a glimpse of hope.

David has received encouragement from his loved ones to give online dating a try, but he continues to only see Victoria and is utterly oblivious that she has feelings for his son Jacob.

Speaking of which, when Victoria collars Jacob, she can’t bring herself to let him go, so Jacob takes the opportunity to kiss her.

The following day, Chris Chittell’s character Eric Pollard tries to convince his son David to move on, but David is stuck thinking about Victoria.

The shopkeeper embarks on a mission to begin building bridges because he is determined to get her back.

After spending the night together, Jacob and Victoria are surprised when David shows up unexpectedly.

Following an embarrassing encounter, Victoria is able to get rid of David, who is left perplexed by how things turned out.

Jacob is relieved in later scenes to learn that David has come to terms with the end of their relationship with Victoria, but it becomes evident after he leaves that this is not the case.

Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi), the boy’s mother, is wary of his hidden lover as Jacob and Victoria’s relationship deepens.

Could Leyla tell David the truth about what Jacob is doing with Victoria?

Will David depart in an effort to stay away from the newlyweds?

2. Tense custody battle

When Sophie (Martha Cope) surprised the community earlier this year, Gail Loman (Rachael Gill-Davis) received heartbreaking news about her long-lost son Oscar.

After being diagnosed with aplastic anaemia, the thirteen-year-old, played by Harley Hamilton, was said to require a bone marrow transplant, and Sophie has been working to find the best match for him.

Since that time, Gail and her partner Ryan Stocks (James Moore), the father of her unborn child, have grown more open to the notion of getting to know Oscar and supporting him.

When Ryan learns this week that he isn’t Oscar’s match, he is distraught.

Ryan is consolingly comforted by Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock), but the relief is evident when a panicked Gail rushes in to say that, despite all the odds, she and Oscar are a match.

The day after, Ryan frets about meeting his son for the first time as Gail gets ready to visit Oscar before the procedure.

Gail and Oscar start a storm at the hospital, but Ryan hesitates, feeling out of place.

Ryan, who is relieved, manages to get in when the topic of conversation is music.

As she observes, Sophie feels torn about the relationship that is developing.

Marlon advises Gail to be cautious near Oscar’s adoptive mother Sophie when they return to the Woolpack.

The Gail actor Rachael Gill-Davis discussed the plot and hinted at conflict between her Ryan Stocks character and Sophie, Oscar’s adoptive mother.

The pair is eager to get to know the boy, but Sophie, who worries that they will take him away from her, might stand in their way.

“I’m sure she wants to be in a relationship with him. Rachael’s initial comment regarding Gail was that “she’s obviously more prepared.

“I think this is the first time in Gail’s life where she actually has stability – she’s got her job in The Woolpack, even though she might not be good at it.”

She said, “It’s so great how they’ve written it as well because you see both sides.” She was speaking to the impending conflict with Sophie.

“Sophie, she might be quite a strong character but there is the aspect of she’s just as frightened to have her son taken away from these two young trendy parents coming back into his life.”

One could speculate that despite Oscar being placed for adoption soon after his birth, Ryan and Gail may decide to fight for his custody or, at the at least, try to get more engaged in his life.

What rights defence tactics will Sophie be able to use?

How will Gail and Ryan and Oscar get along?

Will they want to bring him home again?

3. Fan favourite becomes feared villain

Danny Miller’s character Aaron Dingle has made a comeback in Emmerdale, and his family has been finding it difficult to accept him as the devoted person he once was.

After making critical remarks regarding Paddy Kirk’s battle with mental illness last week, he continued to respond with bluntness and ruthlessness.

In the most recent scenes, he told Vinny Dingle, who was in disbelief, that Adam Barton had handed over to him half of the scrapyard business.

He continued by saying that despite the memories of his sister Liv still there, he had moved into the flat at Mill Cottage.

Then Aaron charged Rodney Blackstock £80 for a service before pocketing a portion of the cash.

Danny Miller explained the changing trajectory of his character as follows: “He’s still winding people up and looking for a fight, he’s got smart comeback lines that I’ve never usually been that character.”

“Hopefully, he’ll eventually revert to a version of his former self. He needs to fix a lot of different characters, which could make for an interesting storyline.

Could he, however, take an entirely another path and draw motivation from his uncle Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), who used to accustom villagers to the most utter anarchy?

4. Huge return

Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland), one of the residents of Emmerdale, is currently involved in further drama.

Despite Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) leaving her to die after saving his ex-wife Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins), the fiery redhead somehow survived a terrible automobile catastrophe.

In recent episodes of the popular show, Mack confessed to Charity that he was still in love even though Chloe, the mother of his baby Reuben, was still in a coma and being cared for by her sister Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson).

Amy, overcome with emotion, texted Chloe and their mother Kerry Wyatt to let her know how much they both needed her.

When Chloe finally opened her eyes, she admitted to Mackenzie that she couldn’t remember what had brought her to the hospital, as was expected.

Fans are confident that Laura Norton, who left the show in 2022 to have a baby, will soon be repeating her part, even if they think she may be lying and waiting for the ideal time.

Could Kerry Wyatt return to the community as Chloe heals?

When Chloe remembers what occurred, might she possibly lend a hand in helping her exact revenge on Mack?

5. Pregnancy twist

Viewers of the drama with a Yorkshire setting are currently trying to determine which pair will be impacted by a teased surprise pregnancy.

One married couple in Emmerdale will be stunned to learn they are expecting, according to bosses, and Reddit users believe Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) may be the unexpected mother-to-be.

Years after their unhappy marriage, the beautician recently rekindled her affair with Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt).

Despite the loaded deck against them, could they create their own family?

“Mandy Dingle is nearly 50, she’s infertile after a bad miscarriage, but this is the land of soap, so…is she going to miraculously conceive Paddy’s baby?” , a viewer asked.

They said, “And then everyone has been predicting a love triangle with Chas who, also pushing 50, gets pregnant at the same time.” This would involve Paddy and Mandy in yet another dramatic plot thread.

I don’t think they’ll be pregnant, one soap opera fan promptly commented in the comment area. They are not married, despite the fact that the surprise pregnancy is supposed to upset a married couple. I’m still concerned that Lydia will be involved.

Craig Reed (Ben Addis), Lydia Dingle’s erstwhile childhood sweetheart, sexually assaulted Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick).

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