Five massive Coronation Street spoilers as Kelly Neelan vanishes from the cobbles

Kelly Neelan is making an effort to make amends with those that her father Rick has mistreated.

However, she draws some unwanted attention as a result. Learn the details about all the Coronation Street action this week.

1. Kelly disappears

Kelly Neelan has finally been able to put her life back together after months of struggle thanks in part to Gary Windass and his wife Maria Connor.

The little girl has made the decision to repay those who her loan shark father Rick wronged over the years on the cobblestones after losing both of her parents.

Unfortunately, there’s a chance that this will cost more than you think.

This week, Kelly runs into Aadi Alahan outside of the barbershop when a bundle of cash, much to his surprise, falls out of her bag.

Kelly explains that the money belonged to her father since she had no other option.

More crucially, she discloses that she intends to give the money to the victims of the merciless thief.

Aadi isn’t convinced by her strategy and is concerned that she may be putting herself in jeopardy by becoming the ideal target for those looking to exact brutal retribution.

He advises her to consult Gary.

Later, Kelly reveals she has located another of her father’s clients and is headed to repay them at the bus stop.

Aadi, who is determined to keep Kelly safe, offers to travel with her. Kelly accepts, and the two decide to go on a date in Speed Daal.

When Gary learns what Kelly is doing, he becomes enraged and reprimands her.

But the teen replies that he’s not her father and goes out by himself.

She knocks on a door and presents herself as Rick Neelan’s daughter before giving Ross an envelope stuffed with money.

Ross calls a friend to tell them about the visit after Kelly tells him she wants to make up for her father’s sins.

Aadi discovers he has been duped while waiting for Kelly at Speed Daal in later scenes.

Kelly got herself into what?

2. Maria is being stalked

This week, Gary’s situation and that of his wife Maria (Samia Longchambon) may deteriorate.

As a stalker chooses to focus on the hairdresser and aspiring local politician, she is forced to face all the negative aspects of being in the spotlight.

Next week, when Maria has to attend to a lunch meeting by herself, Kelly volunteers to go with her after sensing her anxiety.

Maria is startled when Jimmy approaches her and cautions her to stay out of situations she wouldn’t comprehend.

Maria’s situation is made worse when a scary man remarks on how much he liked her web video.

Maria rushes out, overwhelmed. and receives a notice warning her that her phone is being followed.

When her husband calls her, who recently made headlines for punching Jimmy during a news conference, Maria informs him that she thinks she’s being followed.

Maria is frightened and feverishly searching in her luggage for the tracking device when she is stopped by footsteps at the rear.

Maria turns and grabs a can of hairspray in a hurry.

Who will she encounter?

3. Ed fights for his life

The turmoil in the cobbles has put Ed Bailey in the background.

But a mishap in Debbie Webster’s hotel has left his life in jeopardy.

The builder is electrocuted while working on a radiator in the establishment.

Ed is launched backwards and hits the ground unconscious.

His brother Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan), who is in a panic, instructs Paul Foreman (Peter Ash), to dial 911.

Debbie discovers to her astonishment that she is unaware of the date of the most recent inspection.

She recalls that her old partner Ray Crosby was infamous for cutting corners, which just makes the situation worse.

After Ed’s accident, his wife Aggie accuses Debbie of putting his life in jeopardy and tells her that their lawyer would be calling.

Is Debbie having issues?

4. Dylan returns

Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) is looking forward to having his son Dylan visit this week.

Then he expresses to Eileen Grimshaw his hopes for Frank and Dylan’s compatibility.

Later, Dylan (returning performer Liam McCheyne) enters the café and believes that Sean’s lover is George Shuttleworth.

Sean makes dinner reservations for the group in the hopes that his son and Frank, his new love interest, will get along.

Sean is dismayed when Frank declines the invitation since he claims he wouldn’t want to interrupt Dylan’s first night.

Is paradise trouble-free?

5. Abi gets sad news

Wendy Crozier returned to Weatherfield ten years after her previous appearance in the Street to assist Abi Webster in regaining custody of her son.

However, this week, Abi is upset when she learns that Wendy cheated on her.

Wendy receives a visit from Abi, who observes her suspiciously tapping away at her laptop.

A furious Wendy, convinced she is concealing something from her Opening her laptop, Abi examines the notes she’s taken.

Abi confesses to Wendy, hurt and enraged, that she truly believed she was helping Alfie.

Will Abi ever be able to return home with Alfie?

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