Five explosive Emmerdale spoilers as Sandra Flaherty takes advantage of another villager for cash

When it comes to the money she so desperately craves, SANDRA Flaherty has no boundaries or sense of shame.

In this week’s episode of Emmerdale, the protagonist beds a different village in an effort to get some money. Learn the facts.

1. Sandra beds another villager

Sandra Flaherty was exposed to ITV viewers because actress Joanne Mitchell recently played the same part in the serial opera.

When she came back, it was evident that the person was only after her daughter Liv’s money.

Sandra shifts her focus to Rishi Sharma, who has just arrived, nevertheless, as he has received an unexpected windfall.

Sandra comes up with a plan right away, but she has to put on a show by depositing his tip money in the jar because Mandy Dingle is watching her every move suspiciously.

Rishi has been feeling lonely since his ex-wife Manpreet ended their marriage, so he decided to sign up for a dating app.

Unfortunately for him, Sandra will try to catch him by using that against him.

Rishi is astounded to learn that a woman who was clearly interested in his profile responded.

But he is devastated to learn that she canceled their meeting at the Woolpack, not realizing it was Sandra.

When Sandra realizes she’s succeeded in setting him up, she jumps in and offers to go out with her.

After deciding to spend the night at Rishi’s, he shows Sandra to his bedroom.

The following morning, Sandra takes advantage of Rishi’s insecurities as he worries about what the other villagers will think.

When he sheepishly offers her money to make up for his behavior, Sandra knows she has him wrapped around her little finger and that her plan is working.

Sandra receives the money she was after while Rishi drowns his sorrows.

2. Mandy takes action

Sandra may succeed in getting the money she wants, but she risks getting into a lot of trouble—especially after breaking into Mandy’s salon.

This week, Mandy expresses her worries about the money going missing from Live, but she also takes additional precautions to stop theft in the future and confirm her suspicions about Sandra.

In order to find out what happened to the tips that went missing, she stealthily takes out her CCTV camera kit.

Sandra discovers the hidden camera in the salon, to her horror, and is surprised to learn about it.

The troublemaker is aware that she must be cautious around Mandy, but could she be found out soon?

3. Chas and Al are caught

In another part of the Dales, Chas Dingle and Al Chapman (played by Lucy Pargeter and Michael Wildman) are still having an affair while attempting to maintain a low profile.

However, in scenes slated for this week’s airing, Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) might be aware of them.

Coming up, Chas is delighted to receive a telegram from her beloved informing her of his quick trip back to the titular village.

Both are not aware that Kerry, his own unconscious partner, is following him as he enters.

When Kerry expresses her desire to spend time with her cheating boyfriend, the situation becomes awkward.

Al dodges the question and offers to meet with his mistress.

Paddy is keeping a close eye on his wife in the pub but Chas and Al still manage to organise a secret meeting.

Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland), however, overheard their conversation without their knowledge and ran to Kerry to tell her everything.

Kerry decides to take matters into her own hands and waits for Al in the hotel lobby while a post-coital Chas and Al enjoy their affair in bed.

When the businessman spots Kerry in the lobby after the two have left, he becomes alarmed.

He ushers Chas, who is oblivious to the situation, away, but Kerry gets suspicious when the hotel’s receptionist informs her that no Al Chapman has reserved a room there.

Kerry departs, but runs into Al later.

Will he be truthful?

Has he reconciled with Chas?

4. Noah is released

Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) was sentenced to three months in prison after terrorising a stalking his former girlfriend Chloe Harris.

His mother Charity (Emma Atkins) is astounded to learn that he will return home soon.

The unhappy youngster decides to completely avoid his mother after his homecoming and is less than pleased to see her.

While it may be hard for the pair to make amends, another surprise revelation may push Charity to look more into her son’s life.

5. Gabby makes a decision

Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) is furious with Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) for endangering Thomas’ life and is prepared to make the child pay.

Dan Spencer approaches Kim Tate, a businesswoman, after he notices a “To Let” sign outside his home.

When the latter bluffs and claims to be aware of the circumstance, it is obvious that she has a ruse up her sleeve.

Kim is irritated when she learns that Gabby hasn’t kept her informed, but she insisted on telling Dan and Amelia.

Another weapon that Gabby and Kim can employ against Amelia is available.

The girl realizes she is in trouble when Kim catches her attempting to steal Gabby’s most recent visitation order.

Dan is startled to learn that Amelia has been visiting Noah under the guise of Gabby by using her ID, which Gabby and Kim revealed to him.

Amelia is questioned by Charity after she learns about her covert visits to prison.

Gabby feels more motivated to hunt for love in the village after introducing Amelia to her father-figure, however, when she observes her stepmother Laurel dating Kit.

What will happen to the villagers next, and how will Dan respond to Amelia’s relationship to Noah?

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