Fiona Wade husband: Who is Emmerdale’s Priya Sharma star married to?

Fiona is best known for her role as Priya Sharma on Emmerdale. Priya is the sister of Jai and Nikhil Sharma and the daughter of Rishi and Georgia Sharma.

The character has attempted marriage twice throughout the years, but both marriages have failed, leaving her single at the moment.

Away from the ITV soap opera, the actress’s life is very different because she is happily married to her spouse of three years.

Who is Fiona Wade, a star of Emmerdale, wed to?

After making a brief appearance as Hugh Bryant in the evening serial drama, the actress and Simon Cotton became together.

Simon only appeared in a few episodes since he was entrusted with planning a team-building activity with Rebecca White, a resident of Home Farm at the time (Emily Head).

But as soon as she failed to manage the situation properly, causing his car to catch fire, he broke their agreement.

Away from the cameras, he began dating Fiona. On New Year’s Day 2019, the actor proposed, and the two later were married in October.

On ITV’s Lorraine, Fiona said of the proposal: “It was a series of clues, involving my best friends and my mum.”

The soap actor said, “And he drove me to this gorgeous hotel in London, and then he took me to my home where my dad passed away.”

In a different interview, she described the event as “beautiful,” saying, “It was candles and flowers and then the next day we traveled to Paris.”

The proposal was ideal, the actress added. It’s the house I grew up in, and when I’m not filming, my mother and I still reside there.

“To me, it’s the most special spot on earth. In my faith, people get married rather soon, so I don’t see the need in waiting around,” she told OK! Magazine

Many members of their family and friends chose to attend their wedding, which took place at the Euridge Manor and Orangery in the Cotswolds.

Fiona accessorized her white, lace dress with a floor-length veil and some silver Jimmy Choo pumps.

The pair knew when they viewed the location in the February of 2019 that it would be where they would marry just some six months later.

Fiona was 30 minutes late to walk down the aisle, so even though the day was filled with love and romance, things weren’t always smooth sailing.

The soap star gave the following explanation of what transpired: “I was very early ready, but I had to be at least 10 minutes late, and then we had pictures and my mom hadn’t finished her makeup.

“It rained so badly! Alex, our wedding coordinator, ultimately had to drag me down to the marquee through mudslides.

The actress decided against having bridesmaids because she couldn’t pick among all of her pals, so her nieces served as flower girls instead.

With Simon on tour with the stage production of The Bodyguard six weeks before the couple’s wedding, planning the wedding wasn’t without its difficulties.

The actor was in Japan at the time, while his future wife was working to put the wedding’s many components together in England.

Simon said in an interview with OK! Magazine about their separation: “It was intriguing with an eight-hour time difference.”

“The seating layout was done over FaceTime,” Fiona continued. I spent three days inside the residence.

Simon once said, “You have had to have a shower and leave the house today,” she recalled, adding that she didn’t even thought to change out of her pajamas.

Since it’s so challenging, I truly couldn’t imagine going through this with anybody else.

If there was any part of you that wasn’t, I don’t know how you would survive the planning without killing each other. I’m so sure about Simon.

The Emmerdale actors will mark their third wedding anniversary and fifth year of relationship in October.

To celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary later this year, Fiona’s alter ego Priya is going to play a significant role in a major storyline.

Leyla Harding, Priya’s friend, will fire her from Take A Vow in this week’s episodes (Roxy Shahidi).

The businesswoman, though, won’t realize that her companion is genuinely struggling with drug addiction and isn’t acting properly.

It won’t take long for the secret to be revealed because David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden), the daughter’s father, already knows it.

When Priya learns that her friend and the child’s father have been lying to her for months, how will she respond?

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