Fears for Roy Cropper in ITV Coronation Street as his health takes scary turn after devastating death

Next week, as Roy Cropper’s health takes an unsettling turn, worries will be raised for one of Weatherfield’s most beloved citizens. According to recent Coronation Street teasers, the cafe owner will admit that he has been having chest pains and shortness of breath before Evelyn Plummer supports him at the hospital.

Viewers will witness Evelyn convince Roy to go with her to her salsa class in following moments. After receiving a job offer from her friend Estelle, who appeared and informed the Rovers Return bartender that she could handle the Weatherfield Little Big Shotz business, Glenda Shuttleworth will also realize she has her work cut out for her.

As their salsa session is in progress, Roy grabs his chest and quickly exits, stating that he feels unwell. Roy gets reprimanded by Evelyn over the phone for leaving her mid-salsa lesson. Evelyn storms off in a huff as Roy reiterates his feeling of being unwell but declines to expand.

Roy later makes an appointment with Dr. Gaddas out of concern and informs him that he has been experiencing dyspnea and chest problems. He is informed by Dr. Gaddas that she will set up certain tests. Evelyn demands to go with him to the hospital as soon as she learns the truth.

It happens after Roy suffered a tragic unexpected death on Monday night’s (10 April) outing to the cobbles.

Only hours after meeting and speaking with them, the character received the devastating news that a close friend had died.

Newcomer Melvyn tragically passed away after experiencing a medical emergency, and his bereaved sister temporarily left his cherished dog Freddie in the care of Roy. Roy and Melvyn had a conversation in the café and decided to take Freddie the dog on a day trip.

But soon after the two left to inspect a bat roost, Roy returned bearing some unsettling news. He told Nina, his niece, and Shona that Melvyn needed to be taken to the hospital right away.

Roy, who was holding Freddie, informed the two that Melvyn had taken a weird turn and that physicians were doing tests, but that things didn’t seem promising for his friend.

Nevertheless, disaster struck when Roy received some “distressing news” from Melvyn’s sister over the phone.

Roy was in full shock when she told him that Melvyn had passed away just moments earlier and was unable to accept the unexpected loss of his friend after just being with him hours earlier.

He said to Nina: “It’s incredibly challenging to understand. He and I just had a brief conversation a few hours ago. As far as one could tell from such things, he appeared fine “while also taking care of Melvyn’s cherished pet. But this isn’t the last time Corrie viewers will see Freddie because Roy will learn later this week that he has inherited the new adorable dog on the serial.

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