Faye Windass exit storyline revealed in Coronation Street as Craig Tinker proposes

In an effort to get along with Miley Windass, the daughter of Faye Windass, CRAIG Tinker has gone above and beyond.

But, the Underworld employee is thinking about leaving Coronation Street with Jackson, her ex-boyfriend.

Are Craig’s hopes of finding love in the future at peril?

After Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) was forced into a reunion with her estranged daughter when Jackson Hodge returned to the UK from Canada, the policeman played by Colson Smith recently got to know Miley.

Fans of the Manchester-based soap drama have begun to hypothesize that Faye and Jackson would be eager to try out their teen romance once more.

Viewers have envisioned Ellie Leach willing to drop everything in the cobblestones and embark with Miley and Jackson since her departure from the show is scheduled to air in the coming months.

The father and daughter pair visit the Underworld factory to see Faye in scenes that will appear on ITV the following week.

When Craig gives them three tickets to the Weatherfield Giants basketball game and requests that they use them to have fun, Faye is moved.

Faye and Jackson exchange a thoughtful glance as they walk toward the tram stop with Miley.

How will Miley respond when Craig gives her a basketball later at the Bistro that has been autographed by her favorite player?

Jackson and Faye plan to meet for drinks in town following his job interview because their connection is incredible.

Faye tells Craig she’s meeting a girlfriend while not being completely truthful with him before joining Jackson in a hotel bar.

Sadly for her, Beth Tinker (Lisa George) is at the same bar, however she is being followed by her ex-boyfriend Marco and is carrying her own dark secret.

Both women exchange terrified faces after discovering they were dating their ex.

When Faye returns home with Jackson in tow, she is surprised to see Craig making cookies alongside Miley and her father Tim.

Later on, when Jackson manages to land a new position, he begs Faye to go down south with him, leaving her unable to decide between him and Craig.

To top it all off, Beth soon drives her to Victoria Street Gardens, where Jackson and Miley are among a small group of people who have congregated there.

As Craig arrives, he kneels down to propose to her and tell her how much he loves her.

What will Faye say in return?

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