Fans slam Emmerdale’s Laurel who ‘can’t be without a man’ after trying to get back with Jai

Following her breakup with Kit, Laurel has been accused by Emmerdale viewers of being unable to live without a man. This week, Laurel witnessed her new boyfriend making out with Gabby, which ended their relationship quickly.

But as soon as she kicked Kit out, Laurel started pursuing her ex, Jai. Fans of Emmerdale are not having it.

She appears to be someone who “can’t be without a man,” according to what they have said. Due to their on-again, off-again relationship, several fans have cautioned that Laurel and Jai are simply not meant to be together.

Jai and Laurel really aren’t meant to be, according to @RileyCo10852974, as this is their twentieth breakup and reunion.

RT @MeeshyJay: “Laurel visits various men. Where are Arthur and Dotty?” “Laurel didn’t miss Jai when she was with Kit, so how can she miss him now?” said @kezzab333. Furthermore, @teenamassam stated: “Laurel simply cannot be by herself.”

Jai acknowledged that he had “never stopped” loving Laurel, so it appears that they will go on another round. The star-crossed lovers had plans for a reunion at the end of tonight’s episode to see how things turned out.

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