Fans make it very clear who they are backing in heated Paddy and Marlon Emmerdale scenes

Recently, one of Emmerdale’s most enduring friendships has been in disarray. And the soap opera’s audience has made it quite clear whose side they support.

In the episode that aired on Monday (August 21), Paddy and Marlon Dingle through some difficult moments. A contentious argument between the buddies marked the episode’s conclusion, during which Marlon verbally attacked Paddy.

Marlon is angered by Paddy’s attempt to help Mary Goskirk, who is having confidence issues as a result of what happened with con artist Faye Helders. Mary recently informed her daughter Rhona and son-in-law Marlon that she has resumed dating and is prepared to put the Faye incident behind her.

But when Paddy sees Mary sobbing down a rural road in Monday’s episode, he realises that this is untrue. Mary confides in Paddy, who pulls over and gives assistance.

But as Paddy spends time comforting Mary, he ends up being late to meet Marlon after agreeing to go for a drive with the chef of The Woolpack as he continues to get used to driving again after his stroke. However, a fight breaks out between the two after Marlon expresses his anger at Paddy for making him feel unappreciated.

Emmerdale supporters immediately defended Paddy on Twitter, calling Marlon’s response “harsh” and “overreacting.” @DavidHe47935675 tweeted, “Calm down Marlon.”

At the same time, @teenamassam commented: “Bit harsh from Marlon.” We assume Marlon has replaced Bob in the most overreacting scenario EVER, wrote @craggsy82. wow.”

Another person, @RyanTheSoapking, expressed optimism for the friendship’s eventual reconciliation, stating, “That isn’t the end of Paddy and Marlon – they forgive each other within 5 mins. They are unable to tolerate one other’s rage. #Emmerdale.”

Fans will be aware that despite the friends’ repeated attempts to schedule times for Paddy to assist Marlon with his driving, unforeseen circumstances frequently arise. Paddy will have a difficult time explaining this because he doesn’t want to break Mary’s trust or concern Marlon any more.

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