Fans applaud ‘fantastic’ episode as Liv catches Sandra out

Laura Norton, who stars in Emmerdale, is a legendary soap opera character.

The 39-year-old actress, who played Kerry Wyatt on the ITV drama since it debuted in 2001, recently marked her 20th anniversary working on the Dales-set drama.

Laura is engaged to her former co-star Mark Jordan, who portrayed Daz Spencer on the soap opera, outside of her long-running job.

The couple had Jesse as their first child together in February 2021.

The Daily Star looks inside Laura’s sexiest photos as she gets ready to give birth after learning of her second pregnancy earlier this year.

Pregnancy glow

In August, Laura announced that she was expecting her second child.

The actress published a snapshot to Instagram with the phrase “round 2” to share the good news.

In honor of his expectant fiancée, Laura’s husband Mark recently shared a breathtaking photo of Laura wearing a stunning red dress and a developing baby belly.

Mark added a beautiful remark to the picture, saying: “I appreciate you sending me the most unique gift possible, @laura norts.

“I appreciate you being such a great mother. Your tender love and insightful perspective on life are a great gift to our next precious little one.

Let the new adventures begin.

The happy couple, who looked chic while attending the British Soap Awards in 2018, has also been featured in a number of beautiful photos that Laura has shared.

Laura shined in a high-neck white dress with plenty of black eyeliner, while Mark looked handsome in a navy suit and purple shirt.

BTS Strictly snap

In the 2019 season of Strictly Come Dancing, Kelvin Fletcher, Laura’s co-star and close friend, won, with Laura cheering him on at every turn.

With Andy and other cast members in a behind-the-scenes photo from the BBC dance series, Laura wrote: “Shakira dude has better hips. So pleased.”

The actress looked chic wearing a black dress and a gold necklace as accessories.

21yo throwback

When she posted a baby-faced photo of herself at age 21 as an aspiring actor, Laura shocked her followers in 2014.

The actress ridiculed her lack of eyebrows in an Instagram post that included a picture of the outdated headshot.

Laura replied to a friend by writing: Dem eyebrows. Completely nonexistent

Fiona Wade, who plays Priya Sharma in the movie, reacted by saying, “Awww adore this.”

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