Fan favourite Coronation Street couple split after shock bombshell

Fans of CORONATION Street are likely to be heartbroken as a beloved pair ends their relationship as a result of a shocking betrayal.

Shona and David Platt had recently been one of the Street’s most stable couples, but it appears that their relationship has come to an end as they concede defeat and split.

Viewers of the ITV soap opera will witness how David’s actions while intoxicated cause his marriage to Shona to fail.

Shona has been missing from Max’s wayward behavior since being more intimately associated with the villainous Griff. She has been in London with their daughter Lily as she tries to become the next big football star.

In subsequent scenes, David is shown to be inconsolable about his son Max and what has transpired.

David asks Daniel if he may check on Max as he is unable to routinely be with his kid and is aware that Max works at the STC.

Soon after, June, one of the unit’s employees, strikes David with a crushing blow.

She feels compelled to inform him that Max was involved in an incident after discovering Max with facial injuries.

David decides to drown his sorrows in alcohol and becomes intoxicated by himself at Victoria Gardens.

As Maria comes across him and sits down to talk sympathetically with him, she is taken aback when David moves in for a drunken kiss.

After realizing his error, the local activist tells him to return home.

After spending the previous few weeks in London with Lily, Shona arrives as David is about to speak to Alya in the restaurant. She reassures him that they must tackle everything together as a pair.

The bad guy soon confronts David in the pub in front of his wife after Maria told Gary about the drunken encounter.

Shons dashes out of the room and toward home after being horrified by the stunning revelation.

David returns home to see Shona as he apologizes to Gary for the incident.

She tells him that their marriage is ended and that she is leaving him because of his unacceptable behavior.

David feels compelled to inform Gail that Shona dumped him the following morning.

Maria tries to reassure Shona that the kiss meant nothing and that ruining a marriage is not worth it as she talks to her.

Will it persuade Shona enough, despite her initial skepticism, to think about reconnecting with David?

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