Ex-Emmerdale star Sandra Marvin teases return to show ahead of ITV soap’s 50th anniversary

A previous Emmerdale star is looking at an expected re-visitation of the ITV cleanser.

Sandra Marvin played Jessie Dingle in Emmerdale somewhere in the range of 2017 and 2019. Throughout her time in the cleanser she was engaged with various significant storylines.

Since her exit Sandra has showed up in some large theater creations and she’s as of now out and about playing Deloris van Cartier in Sister Act. She has addressed RSVP Live around one day perhaps getting back to Emmerdale.

We know various old top choices are getting back to Emmerdale as a feature of the show’s 50th commemoration. There will be a month of storylines observing Emmerdale’s set of experiences during October’s achievement.

She said: “It’s truly amusing, as a matter of fact. I know where my pathway is on right now, yet when individuals are at the stage entryway, they’ll update me on the thing’s been occurring — like, ‘goodness, that Marlon, I believe he’s off with that Rhona’. They all give me refreshes on the thing’s been occurring. I believe it’s so sweet.

“The reaction that I get from individuals, when they come to the sharing time me about it a while later — it’s perfect. You never say never, yet right now I’m very blissful being Deloris.”

As could be, we’ll update you as often as possible on the Emmerdale comings and goings.

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