Emmerdale’s Zoe Henry admits it’s ‘difficult’ watching co-star ‘Been a long road’

Rhona and Marlon, Emmerdale’s favorite pair, have recently experienced tremendous heartache as they adjust to the chef’s sickness.

Marlon was transported to the hospital after having a stroke in earlier scenes from the ITV soap opera.

The pillar of the soap opera made it through the experience, but life hasn’t been easy for the family as Marlon struggles to adapt to a new way of living.

However, after postponing their wedding, Marlon and Rhona eventually get to say “I do” in scenes that will show tonight.

Zoe said to Ranvir Singh on Lorraine that she has found it “tough” to see her on-screen companion carry out the tragic sequences. She was speaking about her narrative.

When asked about the significance of Marlon’s plot, Zoe said: “It does really represent reality. I frequently utter that.

“Also, we actually do it exceptionally well. We have a fantastic research team, and I believe that we contribute as much of ourselves as we can.”

In a tribute to Mark, the Rhona Goskirk actor continued: “Certainly, Mark does that. I believe it has been a challenging watch.”

She spoke with the host about how Marlon’s stroke has impacted their relationship and said: “I believe they are only now realizing how much they mean to one another.

“Unbelievably, they started dating in 2001. They have a child together, she famously wed Marlon’s best buddy, and at this stage in their relationship, they have sort of reconciled.

“And tragically, just as they realise how much they love each other, Marlon becomes ill with having had a stroke. So the journey has been quite long.”

Both Mark and Zoe had to conduct extensive study for their parts in order to portray the plot as compassionately and truthfully as they could.

“Mark’s experience has been far more difficult than mine, and he has communicated with both stroke sufferers and survivors.

For Rhona, it’s a trip that is far more personal. The fact that mine is merely about reacting makes it a more human story.

“I have some expertise with wheelchairs and other such devices because I provided care for many years. I was able to bring that to set as a result.

Ranvir then shared a scene from tonight’s episode that showed Marlon lying on a bed in a hospital after passing out.

Marlon was told to calm down by Paddy (Dominic Brunt), but the doctor warned him that if he didn’t, he would have to stay in the hospital.

The next image showed the two running into the church doors, where Rhona was waiting at the end of the aisle to greet them.

Zoe glowed as she gushed about how difficult it was to film the wedding scene: “It was so nice.

The episode’s writer, Caroline Mitchell, is just brilliant. She writes well and is quite familiar with those characters.

Due to the COVID-19 limits and the way we’ve been shooting for the past few years, it was also really selfishly lovely to have so many people on set.

We had more than 10 people on set at once for the first time, and everyone was incredibly enthusiastic and thrilled.

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