Emmerdale’s Vinny money woes sparks confusion as fans ask the same question

The recent financial difficulties of Vinny Dingle have confused Emmerdale viewers.

The latest ITV soap opera episode aired on Friday, February 17, and it all began as Vinny and Belle Dingle struggled to come up with a strategy to increase their income so they could turn on their heating.

The crafty couple, who were obviously desperate for money, chose to rob businessman Eric Pollard of his oil, and to their surprise, it was a simple heist.

But as the drama played out, viewers were perplexed as to why Vinny was in such a financial bind and inquired as to what had become of Liv’s inherited funds after her passing the previous year.

Fans immediately took to Twitter to discuss the perplexing sequences.

One observer wrote: “What makes Vinny so poor? Liv was enjoying it. Had she received any money? Unless he sells it, he has a house of his own that he might reside in. Or did I completely overlook something here?”

“Vinny is behaving like he’s impoverished, but doesn’t he own Liv’s home, the other flat, and Aaron’s side of the business,” a perplexed bystander wrote.

A third enquired: “Where is the money Vinnie inherited from Liv? In the home he inherited, who is there?”

I don’t see why Vinny is living with the Dingle Clan when he has a cozy, larger, heated apartment that he shares with Liv, a fourth voice repeated.

Vinny’s world revolved on Liv as their relationship in the ITV soap opera developed further.

But in terrible circumstances, Liv was killed when she was accidentally struck by a caravan during a storm that struck Emmerdale last year.

Liv was crushed while attempting to ensure that her husband Vinny was safe, leaving soap opera viewers in despair.

It was time for actress Isobel Steele, who played Liv, to attempt something fresh, according to a TV insider.

Isobel had to make a significant decision, but she was willing to try something new, according to the insider.

She believes she has accomplished everything she can in Emmerdale and is eager to concentrate on and succeed in her music career. During the 50th anniversary month, the bosses have gone all out, and Isobel’s departure won’t be any different.

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